PG Skygrasper Completed

I hope no one is sorely disappointed that I’ll be holding off on the PG Skygrasper’s review until I’m finished with the PG Strike ^^;. If you think my latest reviews were short, then the Skygrasper will have them all beat (ironically…).

I’ll mention this though. Even in Perfect Grade format, Bandai still can’t find a way to incorporate the wheels into the bottom of corefighters XD. Part swapping is needed to put the Skygrasper in “landing”… so I didn’t bothered with it.

It’s a great looking little jet no doubt… but how do you supposed I pose this thing? ^^;

Stripped off the black paint on the windshield once. Painted it clear blue. Didn’t like it (too much surface area). Repainted it black. Doesn’t matter now that I think about it since it’ll go right back inside its box (no display room) once I’m done photoshooting it…


16 thoughts on “PG Skygrasper Completed

  1. Z, you little devil…just gonna hold off two reviews until you finish up the Strike sometime in March, hunh? xP

    Did you build the Aile Pack as well? I dont see it…

    I’m looking forward to a great review, so no less then 200 photos!!! If I don’t get a headache from scrolling down on that review then its not good enough! (haha, jk!)

    we’re all looking forward to that Strike, so keep working at it! Just don’t rush yourself too much or else the model will turn out ugly…but then again after seeing what you do with your models I doubt that’ll be the case. *thinks back to Sinanju*

  2. well anyways enough of my little childish post,^^ looking forward also on the PG Strike + PG Sky grasper review ^^, and also hope you find a way to pose him^^ *remembering about how you will pose him with your camera post before* ^^

  3. As far as I know, the only “should be aeroplane” in Gunpla series. I want this tough, to bad Skygrasper is not sold alone.

    maybe Impulse for a change… 3 aeroplanes in 1 Gundam.

  4. Awww…. thought i can get a good review but now gotta wait till the pg strike is done… no matter good luck building it, you are gonna need it

  5. looks nice. all i have to say. there isn’t much i’m actually looking forward to in the skygrasper review anyway, so i don’t really mind waiting… could use another review to keep boredom away…

  6. Nah…I don’t look forward to a review of Skygrasper. It’s just a…..plane. Strange how I can love mecha but think mediocrely of cars and planes.

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