Nub Removal

I got an email asking if there was any lazier way to remove nubs without going through the trouble of filing/sanding/painting and whatnot. The answer: Of course there is ^^.

After you snip (nip?) off the piece, just slice it off with your modeler’s knife (or X-acto…same thing). The key is to make sure your knife is damn sharp and keep it flat and parallel against the part otherwise you might shave off plastic from the actual piece. That’s what I’ve been doing since forever but I keep the file handy just in case.

Nothing more to it. Practice makes perfect. Just don’t slice into your own finger like I do from time to time…


27 thoughts on “Nub Removal

  1. Yo, since hobby knives are sharp as hell, would a chef’s sharpening stone make used blades sharp again? or since those are for big knives and cleavers…..

  2. dude! now that you mentioned it… why not just use the stone to sand off the nub?! it’s practically like sand paper… stone >_>. Well… other than the fact that you’ll have the entire side sanded…

  3. “Just don’t slice into your own finger” . Yeah, when I was building my Freedom mg I cut my finger and it bled so much that I fainted xD

  4. Is there another method of removing the nub without the knife as I dislike the idea of a sharp/ potential killing weapon in my room.
    I remember reading that sanding may cause scratches. (Correct me if I am wrong.)
    But could I cover it up with a gundam marker if I do sand as I don’t prefer the use of paint?

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