Gunpla Inochi 2009

There’s nothing more appropriate for the last post of 2009 than a review of this blog over the year ^^. There were quite a few developments here this year and a lot went on. Let’s start with the main statistics- The reviews:

Fix Figuration– Only one this year and that’s the GFFMC RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka Gundam Crisis Ver. (long name…)

Though I have to admit this ” main” section of the blog is absolutely nowhere near as popular as that of the Master or even High Grade section ^^;.

High Grade– Four models: The three (00 Raiser, Hazel, Hrairoo) given to me by a comrade and Seravee GNHW/B

Master Grade

There is no doubt that this is the most popular part of the blog. Starting with Sinanju (which took three months) this year, I’ve only managed to finish nine master grade models. The top three “biggest hits/most popular” reviews of the year:

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka– Even though I took a hell of a long time with this kit, at the end my model pales in comparison to the efforts others have put in ^^;.

MG Sword Impulse Gundam– I’m guessing this one was a hit because of the swords! You just can’t go wrong with swords on a mecha… :D

MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode– Again, you can’t go wrong with swords… not even broken ones xD. Actually the MG Exia was an anticipated model and I did a bit extra with it so that probably added to its popularity.

And the rest of the Gundams are just kinda there xD. There are no reviews in the SD and SRW category sadly ^^;. What was your favorite review on this blog? and why?

The Blog

This blog itself have also gone through a few events this year including a few giveaways, its first anniversary, one million hits, and over 100k hits in one month. Most importantly, the name change from fudoushin/A “Home Look” on Gunpla and GFF to the simpler Gunpla-Inochi. The name doesn’t matter too much as long as the concept, contents, quality and idea of this blog remains the same.


There’s still much to be done here and journey is far from over. The resolution I made last year for 2009 was nowhere near complete for various reasons so I’ll be bringing it back again for 2010- Finish the backlogs Future Projects! After that, I hope to be able to quit from “active Gunpla modeling” (I said this before… it’s nothing new) and just come back every once in a while. Also, I won’t be buying any more Gunpla until I’m finished with what I have- a hard resolution sadly since it is Gunpla’s 30th anniversary in 2010 ahaha… The only exception to this is the Red Frame and the “new” Unicorn MG >_>. I’ll start off 2010 with just one goal for now but I’ll continue to do new things and try to entertain everyone along the way and make newer improvements as I see the opportunity ^^.


Another year has gone just like that *snaps* and I’m very grateful to all those who’ve been hanging out here all this time… and longer. Whether you’re pestering me to do a certain MG, nitpicking my reviews, correcting my lack of Gundam knowledge, envying my collection or just dropping me a line is all cool. I truly appreciate you all keeping this place alive and making Gunpla-Inochi into what it is today. I don’t think I could’ve done all this myself without the feedbacks from all of you ^^;. So do feel free to let me know what you like to see changed, improve upon, or add more of the same. I’ll do my best to fit bits here and there. Again, thank you all for sticking around :D. I’ll see you in 2010!



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