PG Strike Gundam WISP 1

Since most people are already doing some sort of “special first post of the year!” thing, I think I’ll skip the festivities and get right back to business. So in a matter of a day or so, I’ve completed the lower body of the PG Strike.

All this just for the upper legs/knees lulz

Just for the lower legs lulz

The rest of the armor lulz

Compare all that to its MG counterpart above LOLZ

The two-tone white isn’t TOOOOOOO bad… but it still sucks. The designer who decided this because he/she thought it was “artsy” still needs to be Bright Slapped for ruining a perfectly fine color scheme…

Oh yea, thank you all for the new year comments and wishes last year ^^. Hope you all had a great transition and no one is too hung over today… har har (Good thing I wasn’t).


22 thoughts on “PG Strike Gundam WISP 1

  1. That reminds me of the time I built it. Several days of painstaking job, but obviously fun.

    BTW, the kit has a VERY sturdy construction. Mine accidentally fell from the top of my cupboard (about five and a half feet tall), several outer armors just detached, but the only part that was broken is a tab of shoulder armor that connects front and rear piece. Half of the tab snapped, but it can still loosely hold the pieces together.

    Another BTW, is it hard to find a CR1220 battery (for the PG head) at your country? I bought it for $3 a piece from a watch shop in my country. Is it also hard to find LR41 battery (for MG Exia Ignition Mode)? I thought it was rare, but last friday (Jan 1) I found it for just 70 cents for a pack of 10!

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