Gundam Rasiel and GN Sefer

A late christmas present from a friend that I forgot to open last week. It’s two FG (furoku grade- low stuff) Gunpla that came with certain issues of Dengeki Hobby. I bought them when they first came out but gave them away… and now my friend didn’t get around to building his thanks to time constraint (he wanted to paint it and all) so he sent them to me, thinking I had more time ^^; (very funny…). Well, I do have a little problem… I don’t have instructions. xD

But you know what sucks? I failed to nab the Unicorn Head Display last month TToTT. Oh well…


27 thoughts on “Gundam Rasiel and GN Sefer

  1. Shinra, the base looks small enough with the HGUC on it so i’ll doubt it can carry on the MG but what do I know xD

    rndm, I’ll luck out eventually…

    divine, looks like everyone who commented after you already answered your question ^^;

    Busterbeam, i remember those photos! I think that was the one modded with a Nadleeh? It’s still VERY badass though.

    Allen, nah… this only be my second.

    Aeon, the more sefers the better right?

    Gunthetra, Thanks for letting me know. I already got one placed so I hope they still have it in stock ^^;

    Rockleelotus, me neither but 00 sure has a lot of variations. And Thanks for the link add by the way ^^.

  2. D:

    NOOOOOO!!!!1 Don’t rant on these guys! I’m the type of person who loves painting and pretty much has alot of FG and NG 1/144 models…they look GREAT once a proper paint job is applied. (This comes from exprience)

    I’d love to get my hands on these but i can’t find them anywhere…I’ve recently finished my NG 1/144 Impulse Gundam and despite me not liking the design of the Impulse, it still looks great with a paintjob. The Rasiel and Sefer can combine, and they’re pretty simple, so no intructions are REALLY neccicary…(only one white runner for each)

    They’re pretty much statues, but if you insert some polycaps for the joint areas then they’ll be able to move some, but not too much. Overall I tihnk they’ll just look great as painted, colorful statues standing there and looking pretty. ^^;

  3. Bleh. I gave up on these Dengeki Hobby kits when I found out how expensive they were here. $30 CAD is a little much for a magazine and one runner. HG’s are $20-30 :/

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