PG Strike Gundam WISP 2

Only finished the body today and started on the shield. I haven’t attached any of the outer armor parts yet so I can photoshoot the entire inner frame when I’m done.

The body is very thick ^^;

I hate the nubs on the inner frame pieces… they’re all so thick and big! I took roughly 40 minutes just cleaning them off.. and probably 5 minutes of assembly.

Compare the PG body assembly to its MG counterpart ahaha XD

At least the shield is simple enough…

This is probably the last day I’ll be able to work so much on this project. Anyway, I apologize for not being able to catch up with comments tonight. School starts in roughly nine hours and I am nowhere near ready (I can’t find my backpack!) and I have tons more things to take care of… here comes another term of hectic schedule and paperwork!

Good luck to all those who have classes this week as well! Have fun!


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