Like the typical college student, I sometime have to resort to instant noodles when time is low and food are limited… or just too lazy to cook. However, I do hate all those top ramen and cup noodle varieties since they all taste the same… so I opted for something a little “fancier” ^^;.

Not your typical top ramen as it needs to be cooked. Goma shoyu flavor!

I usually like to add a bunch of random stuff like fishballs, fake crab sticks, dumplings, etc to make it a heartier meal. ^^

Doesn’t look too apetitizing huh? ^^;. But at least it is filling. Grab the bottle of Sriracha, pop a can of beer soda and I’m good to go! いただきます!

What is your college diet like when you get lazy/ran out of real food?


31 thoughts on “Ramen

  1. lilwesier, spicier korean noodles? you mean like the SHIN CUP/BOWL?

    Siroh, oh i’m more hardcore about spaghetti than I am about cooking ramen. I add all sorts of italian spices and spicy sausages… but since it requires oh so much more work I rarely make it xD

    kkte, it’s not bad since the flavor doesn’t dilute into each other ^^

    hono, never tried that before o_0. But it sounds like those babystar noodles… basically broken up ramen xD

    exkurogane, i used to have cup noodles for breakfast in the past and my classmates find me weird ^^

    rndm, it is honestly the best tasting ramen I have in the state… which isn’t saying much considering I haven’t had too many selection >_>. But the texture of the noodle is very nice…kinda firm like spaghetti but taste and feels like… ramen!

    Allen, college…high school… i’m sure the diet isn’t too different ^^;. I like to cook eggs sometimes but they require too much work to clean up xD.

    lelouch, dumplings are good! I used the pork and mushroom kind! xD

    Mathai, I didn’t know maggi makes noodles o_o. I have their seasonings!

    lilboi, cool… you got your maximum DV of sodium!

    busterbeam, oh you’re so lucky you get real ramen there!

  2. Tasty. ^^ my family uses the same noodles when we are all too lazy to cook meals.

    add a few meat, veggies, and slices of bread we have a full meal^^

  3. mmm that looks way more filling than the top ramen and cup noodles! those fish balls and crab sticks are really good, but ive never mixed dumplings in before. man, im getting hungry now lol

  4. Z, i had no idea whats the name was but yea, they come in a cup. A BIG cup :P They do taste really good though, when you have nothing to eat and left with local instant noodle that taste like crap. Heck, i even had those instant porridge,and whatever type of instant local food which i dont even want to explain much :P

  5. i’m going to be a doctor in 1 year plus time but every night when i study i have to eat some supper before i sleep, and most of the times the supper happens to be instant cup noodle. very unhealthy indeed.

  6. Mike, it’s okay… I’ve seen my fair share of docs smoking on their breaks xD

    cheesecake, all of my pictures or just this post? o_0 That would be kinda strange since I never had that happened before no matter which comp I’m on.

  7. that actually happens to me too, ‘cept it’s on lupes blog. i cant see most of the pictures. it loads like, 5% of the picture and then it stops and says it’s done.

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