Hmmm… Macbook Pro…

I made a post in the past asking for advice on which laptop I should get as I was pretty torn between the Thinkpad and the MBP. Well, I still haven’t decided on either because the deals were really lame throughout the holiday season (Thinkpads were marked up then marked down to make it seem like a good deal, and Apple’s sale was… wow -_-;). Anyway… currently I have the choice of purchasing a 13″ Macbook Pro (2.53 GHz, 4GB RAM,250 GB HDD) for roughly $1250 but only half of that is coming out of my own pocket. I’m VERY tempted to jump on the deal… but new Intel CPUs are right around the corner. I’ve been smacking myself with these questions for the past few days and it’ll soon drive me nuts:

1. DO I REALLY GIVE A DAMN!?… about the new CPUs that is. Do I care if it’s more powerful and efficient when THE MOST I use it for is typing essays, surfing and possibly youtube every blue moon? I think deep inside me… the answer is probably no.

2. Will I find a cheaper deal than $1250 for this MBP (retails $1350-1399 with student discount)?

3. Will there be other improvements/fixes that I actually might care about in the new MBP?

4. I hate buying stuff at the end of its cycle… but maybe I can just buy it and never look at any apple news…

Yea this post is tl;dr but I just need to throw out my thoughts out before I go nuts. I really need a laptop too… seeing how I’m stuck at school from morning to night and two of my classes require doing and submitting work online (computer science).

Don’t mind this post if it sounds out of nowhere ^^;. Blogging in a computer lab on my break… what a great time to pass the time :D. I’ll catch up on comments and related stuff when I get home at night…

Time for class!


19 thoughts on “Hmmm… Macbook Pro…

  1. If all ya do is type essays and surf the net, you might not really need all that horsepower or expenditure in the first place. XP

    Personally, I got myself a cheap netbook for me to use at uni (last year), though it is not good enough when I have many stuff to edit (proofreading essays and reports) since the screen is small. Otherwise, I always have something to use to type stuff, surf, listen to music (need headphones for better sound quality) and non-HD youtube. Newer and better netbooks are coming in by March IIRC.

    Battery life is decent as I can get roughly 5 hours and beyond from the guy under normal usage. Can’t play games for **** though. <.<;

    Anyways, that's me rambling. If you're set on between the MBP and Thinkpad, just get either one and enjoy. ^^;

  2. Guess I misread my schedule… so not time for class yet but soon xD…

    I know what you are saying about not needing all that power for what I *mainly* do but I do like some more power just in case certain situation calls. It’s like a car I supposed… I can live with a 100 HP car no doubt but I would like something more powerful as it might come handy from time to time.

    I’m also rereading the comments from my last MBP vs. Thinkpad post to reaffirm my thoughts. I think I’ve taken one step ahead from last time…

    The question for me now is “Should I wait or buy now?” ^^;

  3. That totally depends on your needs. If you truly need it, you buy it as soon as you are able to.

    Otherwise, a small waiting game doesn’t hurt. However, this is the world of constantly improving tech. If you keep on “wait n’ see”, you might never buy in the end.

    You have to consider your situation – need now or need later? If you feel that you need it ASAP, you have your answer of when to buy it already.

    Yeah, having something with more power can be convenient at times, but I already have that as a desktop, so I felt it was redundant for me. XP

  4. Go with what your heart is saying :) Thats what i always do. I mean, in the end, either the MBP or the ThinkPad will do the job perfectly.

    Agree with rndm on the “waiting cycle” in hardwares. Consider this. The more you wait, the cheaper they gets. The cheaper they get, a new version will be coming out. And when a new version comes out, they are expensive. Thus, the waiting cycle begins again.

    For me, i will get it if i have the budget :) A more powerful CPU? They dont exactly mean alot unless you are gaming or 3D rendering etc which sucks on a laptop. I switched from a more powerful P8600 processor to my current “battery saving” SU3700 which was deemed way less powerful than the former, but still, using it without any complaints :)

  5. Well i own both netbook and MBP. I have the base model and im waaay happy with it. if u get the mbp now sure a new one will come sometime in spring but when a new OSX will come out, the mbp that you bought would still b able to use it. MBP is very user friendly and the OSX won’t cost much. Like 35$ compared to an over priced winodws 7 OS software. Since your only paying for half, that’s just amazing and you can also get a student discount as well. I would say buy it because the processors on the current one can handle quite alot and i’m running on 2gig memory and everythings smooth. I’d say go for it (Y)

  6. get what you want, as long as it was decent ram. cpu power means nothing if it doesnt have the ram (from what i know. a 3.0 gHz processor + 512 mb of ram isnt a good combo). actually, you should get the one that’s worth more for it’s price.

  7. It’s settled… Thanks for the push everyone!

    Yea… I actually need something this time around because it’s beginning to push my work back. I supposed there’s nothing too much for me to complain about with the deal I’m getting. I’ll pick one up tomorrow ^^. An apple rep talked to me earlier today and actually had some very respectable advice. Instead of telling me to “buy buy buy!”, he was actually pointing me to invest in the macbook instead and told me not to care about the new stuff because a few years down the road… they’ll all be outdated anyway. As long as the tech can do more than what you asked, then it’s no big deal… good stuff.

    Yay case settled…

  8. Great news Z! Also great how you got an apple rep that told the honest truth about the products they sell. Don’t see that everyday.

  9. Well… I did comment but I guess my comments made when I’m in college always doesn’t go through. But anyways, what I said before won’t matter anymore now. Good to know that you’ve decided! ^^

  10. Glad to hear that you have decided, welcome to the mac family. :D

    Just to reiterate points that others have already mentioned, unless you are running a 3D software & rendering animation, the processor is’nt really much of a big issue. Since you’re still a student and probably using a laptop for word-processing only, there is really no need for a high processor,etc. The bottomline is that just make sure you have lots of RAMs and probably a good graphics card.

    OSX is really user-friendly, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time. ;)

  11. believe me, buy that shiny monster and you’ll impressed over and over again! you wont even bored by that piece of art!

  12. Well have fun with your new “toy”, and they’re right. since you really need a new laptop since you don’t care about power a MBP is an excellent choice since all you are going to do is what you mentioned above, and since you are going to do gaming on that device, I could say it’s well worth it for a student’s need ^^.

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