PG Strike Gundam WISP 3

PG Strike Gundam is tall ^^;. Not sure if I’ll have issues photoshooting this model but I think it should be fine except that maybe I’ll have to be farther away. All the weapons are finished so all that will be left is the head and aile striker. I still need to go out to find an LED replacement and battery…

I still need to assemble the arms too ^^;. I gave up for the day after cleaning the nubs off on just the right arm- it took me about some 40-ish minutes and it just got way too tedious.

Just for consistency’s sake with the other WISP post, a comparison with the MG Strike’s arms xD.

ironic how I managed to finish constructing this model in about a week considering this is my first PG yet I take like a month for an MG XD. I still need to add the finishing touches and top coat though so that’ll add in another week of effort… then maybe another week for photoshoot+review… okay so I’ll probably take about a month for this model as well ^^;. I hope to bring the review out before the end of this month.

Now to really get crackin’ on my homework…


23 thoughts on “PG Strike Gundam WISP 3

  1. Exactly. I’ve been around since before MG Exia, and that took you about a few months. I guess procrastinating for Gunpla is all worth it. XD

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