February- Month of the Swords

Bring in the swords! February is gonna be an awesome Gunpla month. You know it and I know it! The MG Astray Red Frame is looking more and more gorgeous with each new scan! The above seems to be a straight build and from what I can tell/speculate, the Gerbera Straight will have gold parts (not exactly plated it seems… just shiny gold?) so no need to paint! Actually… I probably will just for the sake of using my own gold. I’m going to hate painting the fingers again though…

YES! Another sword model! I don’t like the 00 but swords are always welcome so I might pick him up and scrap the so-far-a-disappointment new MG Unicorn model. However… I won’t doubt that there will be quite some weight issue with this model after some play though. I don’t believe that GN drive can actually support the weight of that Buster Sword so well after a short while…

Not in February but worth a mention. The new MG Unicorn seems to be a recoloring troll so far but I can patiently wait to see if it has anything more special than an open v-fin and a different shade of white… okay, so it even has better articulation too >_>. But we’ll see…

Images from Ngee Khiong ^^


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