PG Strike Inner Frame Completed

Standing proud and tall. Though I am a bit baffled by the odd proportion of the head though.

Will try to look for the LEDs again over the weekend. For now I’ll just panel line the outer armors and maybe top coat the entire inner frame if weather permits. Wouldn’t be long before I get to work on the Aile Striker… Just hope  Ican finish something by the end of this week x_x.

There… I fixed the head too… :)


31 thoughts on “PG Strike Inner Frame Completed

  1. LOL i wasnt easily tricked i have a PG Strike Rouge so know the head wasn’t right. also people should read the Comments before posting. it just a suggestion LOL

  2. OK, i know your trick, Z. I found out why the head is small. That’s a MG Strike head! Because the head vulcan is in white instead of grey, and the side vents are not painted!! PG had basically separate parts for every single sections i mentioned… =.=;;;

  3. Ah, no wonder it was disproportionally small! I got tricked by Z quite good on this one. Just realized it after reading the recent comments and looking at the shots closer tonight. XP

  4. haha. its MG obviuosly. everyone who owns PG strike, or even MG strike, should know the difference between the two heads. LOLs
    i love the impulse head. im sure with some armors on and when it is converted to full armor mode its gonna look awesome. just like a zeonic PG. haha

  5. sneaky, hahahahha can’t believe you took a picture of him *gasp NAKED. hehehehe, anyways looking better than expected Z. I can hardly wait for this guy to be finished ^^

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