Eight Treasure Congee

八寶粥, or Ba Bo jaergh(however you spell out the pronunciation of “congee” in Cantonese) or “eight treasure(?) congee” is probably one of the healthiest Chinese dessert/food out there… provided that it is not infused with a ton of sugar. As the name implies, it usually contains eight or more ‘healthy” ingredients such as brown rice, beans, longans, peanuts, lotus seeds, and bunch of other stuff I don’t know the names of. Good source of iron and dietary fiber methinks. It’s probably so healthy that not even seasoning it with top coat will have an adverse effect on my health…

… just kidding >_>. Anyway, the best part is that this is homemade! It might not look too good but it’s actually great! Very grainy and ricey-tasting. This will balance out the ramen I had the other day… ^^;. Not to hard to cook I don’t think and you can always find them for cheap in your Asian supermarket.

It usually comes in a can with a folding spoon included! I used to be a sucker for those spoons when I was a wee kid XD.

Alright, time to head out… I’ll probably be gone until Saturday night ^^;


19 thoughts on “Eight Treasure Congee

  1. i thought congee in canto was “zhouk”(or something…).ah well, that still looks like red congee. … are the 3 visible cans of topcoat part of your joke? ^^; can’t tell… hey! i used to be a sucker for those spoons when i was a kid too! XD

  2. It kinda looks like a bowl of oyster sauce with sliced fishballs to me. ^^, anyways looks tasty, how sweet is it? it kinda looks good to eat on a lazy afternoon. ^^

  3. eh. i thought 粥 is pronounced as “zok” in Cantonese and as “zhou” in Mandarin?

    “jaergh” sounds very complicated and i’m not sure what it means. btw, Z your origin is HK?

  4. @EXkurogane
    Is it common? This is the first time I’ve heard of ‘Pat Bou Jouk’ in 21 years. I LOVE congee but this is the first time I have heard of this… LOL!

    It kinda looks like black glutinous rice dessert with a mix of other stuff.

  5. plastic folding spoons lol i used to think they were so cool. this stuff is not bad, reminds me i havent had any in a long time, the first time i saw it i was really turned off by the appearance XD

  6. @Alex T
    I’m from Penang, Malaysia. Penang’s shopping malls have almost every type of food in their hypermarket, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian etc… The place where i come from is famous for food food food… XDXDXD

  7. I love KL though… It’s so hard to find cheap gunplas at my place, and currently no hobby/toy shops at my place sell PVC Figures! All my stuff are ordered online, and all originated from KL! =.= KL is heaven for me…

  8. this is kinda off topic, but anyone notice that tiny smilly face next to the blogroll (next to anime MMORPGS and anime nano)?

  9. i supposed “zhouk” sound closer than the abomination that i came up with ahaha. Cantonese sound is just so hard to type out in english!

    Mike, I am from Guangdong

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