Gundam Markers

Finally got these in the mail today from Gundamstoreandmore (US site). Two “Gundam Mekki Silver” Gundam markers, one Gundam Gold marker, and one Gundam eraser just to try it out of curiosity. They were recommended by a regular here (Lelouch) and thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try ^^. a I also wanted the HGUC RX-78-2 30th Anniversary edition but sold out >_<

Results of them. The Eraser pen works pretty well… as it should be since it is basically paint thinner (I sniffed it a little xD). If you’re planning on getting an Eraser (I keep accidentally misspelling it as “Erazer”…) pen then do apply the thinner on a q-tip like I did or something and apply to the part otherwise you’ll smear paint all over the pen tip. Both of the color could be a bit shinier though. I sorta almost kinda half-expected the Mekki-Silver to be a bit shiny like the label on its pen >_>. I am in no way disappointed though as I think I can definitely put these markers to good use in the future… :)

Oh yea… Guess I have a lot of catching up to do after being gone for a day and a half ^^;. Comments…emails… posts…WISP… Reviews… I’ll catch up with them eventually!


33 thoughts on “Gundam Markers

  1. The silver plating comes out differnt depending on the color of the plastic. If its a darker color chances are it’ll come out darker and less shiny, so a few more coats should do it…

    Did I just see a comment above about Gundam markers leaving line marks…? Sure it has a few uneaven places now and then but it doesn’t really leave line marks…

    I usually use paint now though because Gundam marker tends to be more liquid based, and can bleed throughout the plastic. ex: filling in panel lines, getting all over the place, etc.

  2. Actually about plated silver that only spill out clear liquid is normal, since it needs a hell of shake ’em job to do to make the paint mixed better, happens to me to my 5 plated silver markers, which I perfer using other brand that this now….

    For the gold marker, better pour some into a paint tray, mix some thinner then hand paint, much even & shinier than straight using it.

    Well, it’s just my experiences handling lots of different gundam markers. & better stay away from gundam marker silver ‘coz the color is just too thick for a layer, even gundam eraser could need a few attempts to clean it up.

  3. i got myself the HGUC rx78-2 30th anni when i was in japan in the summer..
    on the side note, the 1:1 rx78 was EPIC.

    and what would u compare the eraser marker to?

  4. As some of you have pointed out about Gundam markers not working, I do have that issue with some of my markers too. I think the markers’ over quality is just a bit on the poor side (hence use real paint!). It doesn’t matter what color, it’ll clog or color will separate over time due to temperate and age. Sadly it’s not something we have control over because even though we might’ve bought it “new”, the store we got it from probably had it on the shelf for who knows how long.

    divinelight, yes… the brush type one is for panel lining.

    Siroh, wow you have a collector’s item right there (the FG Gundam). Your Nataku isn’t as bad as you made it out to be ^^. I have one also (lost it somewhere in my pile) and trust me… it’s a lot worse xD

    Fuji, I liken the eraser to 70% rubbing alcohol. Not mighty strong but still gets the job done without that “over dried” look from using 99% rubbing alcohol.

  5. Hi Z, i have been viewing ur website for quite a long time already~u did a very good job in terms of building the models kit and the colors.

    Im stil beginner, i would like to play color, should i get gundam marker? Or i should get the real paint? What accessories i have to buy? Im goin to build MG Strick Freedom Full burst~~

  6. Since it’s basically like paint in a pen, couldn’t you just put some on a paint try, and use it as paint? :o
    Though that does ruin the whole reason of getting the pen…

  7. Shawn, gundam marker is handy but for actual painting… get spray or bottle. you get a lot more paint in the bottle and I feel they usually have better quality. Markers are great for touch ups though. I use from both.

  8. thanks for the advice Z. Is that mean i have to base on the manual and choose the color? after i painted it i need to spray something on it right?Hmm..thanks the advice~

    Why i saw some peoples gundam are in grey color before they paint it? How they do that do i need to do that too?hmm

  9. Shaw, you can use any color you want or if you want touch-up colors then just find the closest one you can get because the manual shows mixtures. After you’re done, you can spray top coat. The gray layer before painting is actually primer, to make the paint stick better and shows better color from the paint (if you’re doing something like painting white on black I supposed).

  10. Hey Z I’, planning on buying the HGUC mega launcher Hyaku Shiki, would a Gundam Marker do a good enough job on the Gold?

    1. won’t be as shiny but still pretty gold. i’d just buy a the tamiya gold leaf one, it’s what i used on shin musha’s pipings and trims and worked fine. no brush strokes visible and seeing as it will be 1/144 it shouldn’t be a problem.

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