Macbook Pro GET!

I’ve finally pulled the trigger on the Macbook Pro… but unfortunately, it was my wallet that took the bullet ^^;. I needed a laptop for school so I didn’t bother waiting until Apple update their line-up again. 4-5 years from now (the next time I expect a new laptop), “today’s” tech will be outdated anyway.

I picked up the 13″ model with the 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB of RAM, and 250 GB. I was very surprised at the weight of the entire package when I lifted it up… I need to go back to working out >_>;. I chose the MBP over other laptops mainly because I wanted to diversify my computer knowledge and because the trackpad is pretty sweet and makes a great deal of sense for a laptop. I also didn’t like how other laptops are too similar and just seem too stylized with lights and flashiness.

When I opened the box, my first thought was “so how much of the price I paid went to people packaging this?”. I have to say.. the package is amazing; you have access to the MBP once you open the case up. Just like that. No fuzzy cardboard or styrofoam. Neat and elegant. Bravo Apple… bravo…

Didn’t bother reading the manual; I like to figure things out myself. Fancy Apple microfiber cloth for the screen… which I’m sure I’ll need to use since the screen is glossy. Why the hate for matte, Apple? I hate glossy screens and Apple doesn’t even offer that ridiculous $50 option for the matte screen on the 13″ model. A glossy screen is just so impractical… it’s a fingerprint, dust and glare magnet -_-;.

I love how thin and flush the MBP is! It really is as slim as a notebook ^^. I was doing my best in handling it as I didn’t want to leave it with fingerprints all over so soon haha!

In case the original 6′ Magsafe power adapter wasn’t long enough, Apple also provided an extension. I don’t think anyone should ever be farther than 5′ away from an outlet if using a laptop.

POWER ON!… Had to live through a boring movie, listened to an annoying voice (VoiceOver), and set up a few things before finally reaching the desktop. Of course, the first thing I did was check this blog… xD. Took a few minutes to tweet the system preference to my liking, and peeked around here and there… and that’s about it since I don’t have any software yet. I am planning on getting Parallels and installing Windows 7 to make good use of the RAM and processor. There weren’t that many surprises for me since I’ve been fiddling with the MBPs at the Apple Store for months before deciding to purchase one.

The back-lit keyboards are nice… but I don’t think I’ll ever be using this in the dark though. I actually bought this laptop yesterday, charged it full and completely drained the battery today. With 1/3 brightness and doing mundane stuff like web surfing and word processing, I think the battery can last between 8-10 hours (SWEET!). But… when I was having a video conference with my cousin earlier today on ichat, I saw the battery life free falling by bird droppings. The MBP is mildly warm most of the time but that video conference really got it heating up o_o. This shouldn’t be a problem though since I rarely chat and stuff.

As if my wallet haven’t disintegrated completely yet, I went out and bought this $40 sleeve so I can carry my MBP around. Sure there were cheaper ones for half the price but I find this one to be the nicest in terms of look, quality, and fitment.

The sleeve fits the notebook like a glove. No wiggle, no extra space, and no unnecessary puff; the whole thing still looks just as slim as a notebook . The outside is just plain black; no extra random design nor pockets and such. Plain and simple is just how I like it. The thing that sets it apart from the other sleeves is the inside has a furry blanket lining as opposed to plain cloth and this should help in preventing the MBP from scratches while cushioning it in my backpack. The only thing I wish that could be better is if the zipper actually goes all the way around to one side only so I can just sit the MBP inside instead of having to slide it in since it is so snug.

Well, don’t welcome me to the World of Mac yet xD. While I am impressed with my MBP and am enjoying it for now, I am not convinced until I can get a long term feel for this machine. I’ll make sure I squeeze every last dime that I spent on it! I don’t think I’ll have much doubts though and I’m sure it’ll make a great companion in easing my boredom during some of my lectures ^^.


31 thoughts on “Macbook Pro GET!

  1. The environment in my campus in rather humid and i hate it cuz’ it is making the screen of my laptop taking up “round spots” which seems to be water marks though I’m not sure and i have to clean them with a special liquid… =.= It doesn’t happen at home…

  2. Busterbeam, I’ll make a post on that later ^^

    lilboi, toothpicks and cloth ftw

    iremember, funny you say that since you have an apple-style nickname here xD

  3. Hi, I’m from School of Science and Technology, Singapore. I am a big fan of ur blog and use a MacBook Pro for school too! I am 13 years old and is just wondering, how old are you, Z?

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