Please disregard the last post. I’ve been trying to upload these for the past few hours ^^;. Before some of you get all skeptical this time around, this IS the actual PG Strike’s head XDDDDD.

Its size made it a bit hard to pose as I had to shape every part of its limb one at a time ^^;.

oOo… doesn’t it look frightening with those soft orenji eyes?

Then how’s this?

brains…. brains…!


He sure looks happy about something…

“… >:3”


35 thoughts on “PG Strike = TERMINATOR!!!

  1. Hey Z maybe a bit unrelated but, I was planning on getting a second unicorn and modding it in a similar way I found only, my only question is painting (which you seem to have pleanty of skill in) how would I go around doing it, besides tamiya what other paint brands do you recommend and how many layers does it take.

    would I need to sand the surface or prime, or can I just slap it on there?

  2. saito, with Unicorn I’d suggest painting each piece individually before assembly. I can’t really recommend any other paint since I haven’t tried different ones yet and how many layers depends on your own satisfaction. I never find priming to be a necessity unless you’re trying to paint something black to white. I think you can also get a lot better advices from Busterbeam (plamo addiction), Lupes, or Martin Wandering ^^. They’re all on my blogroll.

    lilboi, probably do xD

    eyeshield, i tried it on a piece… looks kinda off with the clean armor on ^^;

    divine, i think the hi-nu looks monstrous even on the outside…

    chris, i just thought it’s kinda funny because the picture is the box art from L’Arc-en-Ciel’s “SMILE” album xD

  3. O____o

    That’d be scary, having a kinda exo-skeleton standing in my room with glowing red eyes…O_O

    Awsome poses though, just shows how awsome the inner frame is. ^^

    hope you can get the review typed up soon…r u gonna leave it with red eyes…? Personally I think green would look better, but…oh well, its ur model! xDD

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