Slow Days Ahead…

I am officially in the slow days again ^^;.  Less updates and slower progress on models. School has finally caught up to me. Well, the good thing is that at least I finished construction of the PG Strike and I’m just doing touch ups here and there so hopefully I can still get the review out by the end of the month. Other than that, I’ll be typing up essays again… haha. Oh, I still need to type up “Gunpla and Photography 2″… hopefully, I’ll get around to that soon. For those of you in school, how is it coming along?


27 thoughts on “Slow Days Ahead…

  1. white angel, i like the drifting clouds on your blog ^^

    zro, two gunpla this year? That could be easy depending on what grade… two FG is still two gunpla so that’s doable xD

    divinelight, wait.. you never thought Gunpla has anything to do with photography? and you come to this blog and run your own? xD Imagine Gunpla blogs/reviews without photos! and sure I’ll add ya to my blogroll.

    Lelouch, the name lelouch suits you well xD

    iremember, whew… good luck to you on both o_o

    Zeon, that’s Lockon’s

    erazer, connecting screws on the ceiling? what do you actually do?

    gugu, oh sschool days get fast and hectic… blogging days are the slow days xD

    eyeshield, a break from one thing means time to do something else ^^

  2. Thanks for the add.
    I mean before I start blogging, when I just building by myself.

    But now looking at many modelers’ blogs, it’s so interesting and much more when they shoot with great photography skill.

  3. ugh, school is agonizingly long on somedays, and time passes by quick on the others ^^; school… really sucks. I get ok grades (B average, 2 As, C for French (french immersion) so far), but my parents fret about it like crazy. I still gotta learn the ropes here too, since i’m a high school freshman (grade 8, just to clarify)

  4. @ Z well my course now is Instrumentation Control (kinda like the guys who makes and maintains and creates robotic arms)
    and part of my course is some simple building wiring. ^^ (or simply put installing lighting fixtures on homes)the reason why attaching screws on the ceiling is… well I screw in receptacles on the ceiling of our working area >.< which is very painful on the shoulders if your doing it for some 3 hours straight with little time for rest. ^^ not to mention I also do them on the walls.

  5. likewise here, school has just started for me. Timetable looks bad, starting lesson at 0830 in the morning so it means I’ll have to 3hrs eariler @ 0530 – 1hr to eat & prepare myself, with the remaining 2 hours on traveling. And school finishes @ 1730, so I’ll be home at around 1730. With the remainder until bedtime to do my work, check out blogs before the cycle repeats itself.

    For the time being, I still have the weekends to relax although as the weeks goes, I will be tied down by assignments & courseworks. Since majority of them are group projects, it mean lesser time to idle around at home for gunpla :( .

  6. @Z: LOL of course I mean MGs. I may be able to buy a few more though. I just can’t buy a load of them, as I have little space left for any unless I get a display case, which I have little space for as well -_-

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