PG Strike WISP 4: Weapons

Since I’ve made a WISP post on every part of the PG Strike then figured might as well show the weapons as well ^^;.

The armor schneider unnecessarily came in one piece to my annoyance since that meant nubs were in the center of the side of the handle and blade… not to mention coming in a single color. Shown here still in wet Mekki Silver paint from my new Gundam marker pen. I’ll add a few more layers later though… I still need some spots I missed.

The beam rifle is hawt… gonna smack some gunmetal on it later though.

The shield is nicely designed. The window has a cover you can slide up and down!

Grand Slam… gawd I hate that name. I’m gonna start calling it Grand Slash from now on…

If you can see it, I actually drybrushed some gunmetal on the entire handle which I think made it look a lot better and “heavier” than the gray plastic.

Yep… that’s all for today!


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