Mandom Gatsby

“I… Can give you Gatsby… Gya-tsu-biii! Gya-tsu-biii!”… Mandom’s Gatsby (Lucido line for girls) is a popular Japanese brand offering “beauty care” products aimed at guys which includes everything from hair wax, face wash, lotions, hair color, etc… and even eyebrow scissors o_0. I’ve been using some of their stuff (hair wax, hair water, lotion, face wash, cologne) for a couple of years now but you know… I really hate it when I buy something and can’t use it properly on my part xD. Case in point: Gatsby Moving Rubber (hair wax). Been using the hair wax (the strongest one: Spiky Edge) occasionally for the past two-ish years (usually more frequent after haircuts) but never seem to yield the results I wanted XD.

I was told by my hairdresser that my hair (each strand itself) is thick so I need to work harder to style it ^^;. I find it all too time consuming; even though I like playing with my hair, I spend no more than five minutes in the bathroom on it… and usually, nothing comes out right in that short amount of time ^^;. The Gatsby guys make it look all too easy!

All that twisting and ruffling is actually a PITA. I just use ’em to straighten out my hair  in the morning now from time to time since it has gotten so long…. and generally don’t really care anymore ^^;. Long overdue for a haircut too…

I used to go to school like that once in a while wayyy back in HS ^^;. I’ll admit… I used to like girls touching my spiky hair then screaming “ow!” from getting poked XD. Now that I look at this picture again… I think I could’ve been a better Goku than whoever the dude was in Dragon Ball Evolution or whatever the movie was called.

Gatsby is also known to have some bewildering commercials. This is one of my favorite… The way his body moves… is almost like moving rubber! xP

And of course, there’s Danny Choo’s Gatsby Trooper which I’m sure many of you have seen already ^^.

Just sharing a few random tidbits. What about you? Do you (used to) fancy styling your hair too?


26 thoughts on “Mandom Gatsby

  1. I’ve been using Gatsby for 2 years now, and it has been pretty wonderful for me. I use Air Rise (Green) once my hair gets a little shaggy and longer and fix it up with Wild Shake (purple). I have a slightly longer “Asian Mullet” (moreso in the bangs haha).

    I’ve heard from my hair stylist that the texture of my hair makes it hard to style, so I HAVE to straighten my hair with a flat iron everytime i have to go out or can’t wear a beanie. Also using leave in conditioner after a shower helps a little bit too.

    Btw… I also used to do that kinda thing with my hair, having it spiked up like a fricken Goku. The exception being that I used Hair Glue to spike it and it was really, REALLY spiky. I always did love it when girls touched my hair as well. ^^

    Geez… I sound pretty weird. XD I hope this helps you a little…

      1. When I used to have early bird class my senior year of HS last year, i had to get up at least an hour early to shower and style my hair… and the 1 hour habit hasnt left me since. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone ><

        If you cut you're hair in layers so its slightly thinner, it helps a little when you style, but then the hair grows back too quickly. It just takes some time to find a hair style that you're satisfied with… that doesnt take you any longer than 10 min… ^^;

  2. nice hair, Z… lol… i did use Gatsby back in my college days too… but after awhile I gave up and just tied it back in a ponytail… now i sport a crew cut… so it makes no difference… lol…

  3. LOL that photo of spikey-haired Z rivals my own spikey haired-ness. only, the difference is that when they touch it, there like “OMG it’s SOFT!!! *starts patting my head like i’m a dog*” since i dont use gel or anything (heck, only hair product i use is shampoo!). it does get annoying. once i was at a robotics competition, and i was carrying the robot back with the team to the room, and passed a table. there were some girls there, and as i passed i heard “OMG can i touch your hair??? =3”. I actually stumbled upon hearing that and almost dropped the robot ^^;

      1. lol, they’ve stopped doing it lately, since my awesome natural spikey-ness is gone. i think it’s because of that really messed up haircut i got last month; hair’s gone limp ever since…

  4. Haha, I was wondering what was a moving rubber. I thought it was a whole piece like soap, turns out it’s soft like wax/gel too. ^^

    My hair don’t like hair gel. They always goes back down or out of shape no matter how much I use. I guess spiky just isn’t my style.

    lol Now all you need to do is to shoot Kame Hame Ha.

  5. well I never style my hair, except when the occasion calls it (like class photos) but most of the time its plain downward. ^^. good timing though I am looking for some hair somethings so i can produce a Vergil Sparda effect on my hair for a cosplay I’m planning to do this year. thanks


  6. O.o I spike my hair also, guess it’s the typical style for asain guys, that and the all around cut which I call the shaved head. Take a clipper and run arcoss ya noggin and ya look like a Zaku. xD I used store brand gel like tresemme and aussie, but recently I’ve been using Loreal Pro that salons use. Here’s a pic of my fireball head xD ,you can add me if you guys have FB also.

  7. I don’t have much hair on my forehead plus the strands are very fine and soft. I always find it hard to style it using wax or gel. Cause my hair would ALWAYS get weighed down by the wax and it’ll just be flat. So yeah! I NEED MORE HAIR ON MY HEAD!! =(

      1. Nope. I apply very little but my hair can’t support any extra weight especially my fringe. It’s like baby curly hair ya know =S

  8. haha i use gatsby every now and then, the videos really do make it look all to easy XD gotta make sure your hair is cut right for easier styling. i dont like spending too much time on my hair… it never even holds through the day anyways lol

    1. no one cares about the yellow one. Its name is nuance motion and as it implies… its result are pretty much a nuance, almost as if you never used it xD

  9. Seems like everything you use, even hair gels are from Japan… XD I remembered the heat pack thingy you posted back then, and quite a number of your daily use items from Japan… I wonder whether your pantsu (underwear) is Japan’s as well… XDXDXD

    My country pretty much likes to import made-in-China products which i really hated because of the quality. 100yen convenience shops that sell Japanese products are pretty rare and if i need to buy these i have to go to the hypermarkets of large shopping malls… =.=

  10. …Whatever happened just shampoo and soap? :P (Okay, yeah, I use a bit more than that, and even a bit more-so for important occasions… But wow, that’s a lot to use.)

    I was more curious about why I saw Z’s name (and icon/avatar) so many times commenting on this entry. I thought it was just an error or something, since I never thought of Z as the spamming type, but the new Reply system left me feeling a bit disoriented here.

  11. Heh I always leave my hair down, so I don’t usually use Gatsby, that is why I have the same hair style as Allelujah Haptism. Hah hah

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