Dengeki Hobby Unicorn Display GET!

I’ll make sure this will be the first and last time I order a magazine from Japan ^^;. Even though I picked SAL for shipping, I still ended up forking over 1680 yen for shipping! Didn’t think it would be that high… That’s more expensive than the magazine’s ~1300 price tag! So yea… not feeling too good when I saw I paid ~$30 for a magazine that I couldn’t really understand… but at least I got the head display ^^;.

Same plain box like the GN Sefer and Rasiel models. It still looks nice though.

From all the photos I’ve seen elsewhere, I was expecting the head display to be a tad bit bigger but this seems to be a good size nonetheless. Unlike the other FG models, I actually do plan on building this display soon… and actually put some effort into it. We’ll see…

for now, I need sleep… I’ve been up pretty much since 10 am on Friday… it is now almost Sunday @.@. zZzZzZz…


38 thoughts on “Dengeki Hobby Unicorn Display GET!

  1. Gretings

    I live in the Dominican Republic and bought this issue for the display and payed about US$ 45.00 plus I need to get it delivered to the US to an international courier so that I can get it here and pay for the pounds when it’s delivered so the grand total for me was about US$ 60.00 I the end.
    This was my first and LAST magazine ordered from Japan.
    At least I got the Unicorn Head Display but Hell No, not again.

    1. Yea it kinda forces the people to buy the Japanese versions instead. On the other hand I must say that I am lucky that Hobby Japan does include XN Raiser for the Chinese localisation back in September.

  2. I got this one since last month…. I order it during the Free Shipping offer… which in fact you also should’ve done the same then….

    I never use SAL as HLJ (and few other online shops) only have EMS options for South East Asia – which is faster anyway.

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