’twas a boring day so I made Oden for dindins today to make something slightly exciting ^^. Oden (おでん)  is a Japanese pot dish usually consisting of various fish cakes, konnyaku, tofu, and whatnot in some hondashi broth.  The pot I made wasn’t exactly authentic but hey, it provided for a quick meal xD.

I started off by slicing up a roll of kamaboko after slicing it off the block of wood it came in. I have no idea why this particular type of fish cake comes stuck on a block of wood but I think it could be pretty dangerous >_>;. Some weird filtering made the white plate pink.

Added some fried fish cake as well ^^

And the rest of the fish cake variety. Yes, they’re fish cakes ^^;

Added Shirataki because I didn’t have any konnyaku nor renkon nor shiitake nor tofu… but to make up for it, I randomly added some homemade wonton into the pot and it works wonder and so I’m not just eating fish cakes loaded with aji-no-moto (MSG) XD



23 thoughts on “Oden

  1. …oden? for a second i thought you spelt udon wrong. oden huh? never heard of it (i think >.<)… is it good? doesnt look half bad from that pic at the bottom.

  2. ugh….. ate that so such back when my dad used to bring so much of them back home i got sick of it >.<

    it's only good when you eat it in small doses, eating too much at once will make you want to throw up… especially the fishcake…

  3. waw they also sell aji-na-moto there ^^

    a very filling meal you got there. makes me want to make my own when i get back from the hills.^^

    and I thought Z will have a 2 consecutive month full of posts XD

  4. haha, looks like this blog’s becoming overrun by rood posts! I’ve tried traditional oden at a Japinese resuraunt before…it wasn’t half bad, but it left a weird tasting taste in my mouth…hmmm…

    You made that? O___o
    Looks like ur becoming more adapt at cooking and making new foods. xDD

  5. b00 go back to your old format =p

    i voted no but i secretly want to get used to it -_-

    you dindin looks good [i don’t know anyone else that uses the word “dindin” by the way]

    if you can, try to find this filipino soup called “mami” it’s rly gud…

      1. mami is like noodle soup and depending on the meat you want it can be with chicken or beef, or if you want wanton. ^^

        it’s a delicious meal, accompanied by meat buns will make eating it more worth it.

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