Last PG Strike WISP: Aile Striker

And with this completed, I can finally move on to writing up the WISP and photoshoot stage now. The Aile Striker is big and wide so it’s gonna be taking up a lot of space. Its internal mechanisms that moves the lower thrusters and body took a bit to figure out so hopefully I won’t break anything if I bend something too hard ^^;.

These are just pre-finished shots of the Aile Striker without stickers and decal on yet. Saving the finished work for last ^^. I’ll most likely post up the WISP page for the Skygrasper/Aile Striker and Strike first before I do the real photoshoot since the WISP itself is already a lot of work and got many photos to upload. It’ll also save you from having to go through an avalanche of photos all at once ^^;. Here’s to hoping that I can still finish this on time…

Last thing… as most of you noticed by now, I’ve finally implemented the “reply” button on this blog to make said action a bit easier but I saw how if I respond personally to each then I’m pretty much spamming xD. Guess I’ll go back to the old style of replying for bulk responses and use the reply button for smaller convos. Hope this makes it easier for you all to chat with each other as well.


26 thoughts on “Last PG Strike WISP: Aile Striker

  1. HUh? There’s also internal mechanisms for the Aile Striker?? I thought the Aile Striker is just a typical “build in internal engines and slap on outer armor…”…

          1. The aile striker internal mechanism is only really used between the different docking modes. What i mean is tht when u dock to sky grasper/strike gundam, the angle of the boosters on the aile striker changes, and this is controlled by the internal mechanism ^^ hope tht helps clarify things a bit!

    1. Well, for one thing, it’s leaving me quite disoriented. :P Your last two themes worked well for your blog. Why fix something that wasn’t broke? I know one can get tired of looking at the same thing, but–and I know I’m wearing the Captain Obvious hat here–people come here to look at your blog posts, not the layout of it.

      But it’s your blog, and I guess I can always adapt as I have before. *shrug* At least it leaves me fascinated enough to see what it looks like on my PSP. :)

      1. It’s not like I’m set on this theme yet. I find it too narrow for my ever-so-huge images so I might convert it back. Just thought this blog needed some fresh look at the moment ^^;.

    2. At first I thought I went to the wrong site. It’s very nice but it’ll take a while before we get used to it (I think).

  2. Hmm maybe you can lump the high grade, mg and sds kits under one main page for example gundam page and then create 3 links to each series from there to reduce the no of pages.

    Heres a link to my gundam page as a reference

    This new theme is quite cool but haha still prefer the old one :D Your blog your choice ^^

    1. I like how you organized your pages but I just condensed my smaller (SRW, Future Projects, display stand) into the “random” page which is also small. Now my space issue is fixed :D.

  3. what the hell???? a new layout????? and a new theme???? it sucks IMO z. i prefer the old, simpler one. it makes me wanna read further. T_T

  4. Hmmm… the new theme doesn’t really work for your blog. I think it is a bit too squish for a blog that concentrates on mostly on Gunpla photography or photography in general (pictures and whatnot). The previous theme works better IMO. ^^:

  5. hmm wow look at the size of this thing. ^^. though I still can’t imagine about the internal armor stuff, anyways i can still wait.

  6. Z, don’t try to fold the aile upper wing.
    It is so fragile.. I am afraid to move anything on that wing.. it looks and feels so fragile

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