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As you can all see, I’ve switched to a new theme for the blog ^^;. From what I can tell, the reactions are very mixed. It’s not final yet since I just want to play around and maybe do some house cleaning here, trying to find ways to improve the experience here if possible. Unfortunately there’s only oh so much I can do without any css/web-building knowledge (which I’m learning at the moment) >_<. Here are a few tweaks so far:

– The ever so-unpopular “Super Robot Wars” page and popular-for-whatever-reason “Future Projects” page has been moved into the “Random” page

– “Display Stands” page moved into “My tools” page… figured it makes sense.

– Removed the “about” page for now… until I find the time to actually update it >_>

– Added a rating thingy for the review pages so you can now rate how useful you find the review or whether you like what you read and whatnot… though I know some might mistaken it for rating the actual model which is fine too. Just testing it out.

Personally, I’m about 50% sure about keeping it since I like the presentation and style. The other 50% of myself is telling me to change it back since I do find it a bit narrow (fixed width) for the photo dumps that I like to do around here. If I do keep it, then I’ll have to modify the way I lay out my reivews (photos) just a bit (mainly using different image size… nothing more drastic). I’ll probably have to make a dummy review and see some reactions before I decide. Now… what do you all think?


40 thoughts on “New Blog Theme

  1. @Z:
    Yeah, looking at other comments, the main problem is the size.
    If you could change the CSS somehow, you could make it the better view.

    Anyway, if you paid for CSS upgrade, can you use custom theme? If you can, then it’s far more than just 70+ themes could be used.

    I use custom theme in my other website (still wordpress, but not, looks good, but lost some features of

  2. Have to say, Z…despite what others say, I’m lovein’ this new look…it just looks more updated and whatnot…your old one was too plain…I like how if you roll over the pages you get to see all the subcategories…nice touch!

    I think you should keep it like this…despite it being narrow, it has a great-lookin’ design! Thats just my thoughts though. Its really up to you on weather or not you wanna keep it but…I say stick with this one. xDD

  3. It’s nice, sleek, but not very much text room from side to side compared to the previos version.
    That and I really found the SRW section nice, and since there’s a new Alteisen kit coming up you might have updated it.

  4. I like the monochrome color scheme, look nice…

    altho the layout is a bit new to me.. prefer wider ^^..

    but I’ll get to use with it.. further more.. my blog also narrow lol..

    good luck with new CSS lesson ^^

  5. yeah making this section wider will help, also if you can put a wallpaper here or something on the plain white background.

  6. Widening this blog is actually no simple task ^^;. If I widen one part, the rest doesn’t follow so I have to change those as well. On the preview, the blog looks like such a mess with the changed dimensions xD. Makes me really respect those who can type up these sort of scripts

    1. I take it either the “Go back to the old one!” option is failing? Or you just took the advice of the poll (regardless of results), and went, “Nah!” and decided to keep this visual theme/format? :)

      I think the third option–while a sentiment I expressed before you posted the entry and poll–is a throwaway vote. People can have the feeling that they can adapt to it (as I have) and go either way, but just takes away from giving either side (keep it/undo it) more vote or some edge.

  7. Woah, the new fonts are kinda freaky. o.O
    They are a bit painful to read for comments but I think its okay for the post titles.

    (BTW, I also changed my blog layout.. since well, I needed a revamp as well!)

  8. So0o… how do you all like it now?

    EDIT: My eyes are hurting from messing around with the layout (font) for so long… so any more changes will have to wait till tomorrow ^^;. I apologize in advance if the new font style is hurting some people’s eyes.

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