Gunpla Runners

Every time you finish a Gundam model, you’re always left with the empty runners the parts were attached to. I’m just thinking “man, what a waste of good plastic” ^^;. You could probably make a HG 1/144 with those scraps! What’s with every company and their mom going eco-friendly these days, I wonder if Bandai will ever start a program (in Japan) where we can send in the runners for them to reuse and we get some sort of discount off our next purchase or something. I know some pro who would use these runners to cover seam lines by cutting a stick out, holding it over candle fire, then stretch it out to make it fine and thin and place it over the seam lines. As for me, I just use them for stirring rods and paint testers. Custom weapons have also floated in my head from time to time as well.

Do you do anything with your gunpla runners or just throw them away?


61 thoughts on “Gunpla Runners

  1. i knew someone who takes choice frames and makes hangar setups. he would break up certain pieces, sand and reglue them and make weapon racks and stuff like that. it was pretty crazy i just never learned ho to do it

  2. I’m a pack rat too :D :D
    I only throw the away when I’m moving :D

    Mostly I kept the ABS runner.
    I made some stand with those :D

  3. I’ve been saving all my runners for the last ten years to build one of those Borg Cube ships from Star Trek the next generation from scratch. I should have enough runners now to build a 5 foot Cube by now.

  4. I just throw them away. I do keep the boxes and manuals though, especially that of my MG Exia, the ingnition mode box art is beautiful!

  5. Do not throw runners in the trash! They are TOTALLY recyclable.

    In my town they accept them in the “blue box” right along side plastic bottles and shopping bags.

    There is no need for our hobby to generate buried waste like that.

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