New Layout… Part 2

Since the actual new layout didn’t go so well for plenty good reasons, then might as go back to what’s been tried and true ^^;. But with a little refinement. The results from the poll was actually very close to 50/50 between the results (minus “It can stay” XD).  Anyway… so what you do think of the new font for the headers/titles? There are two variations I’m debating on actually. The one you see above has more of an apparent change in which the headers, title, and links are all converted. A strange side effect is that comment replies are also effected. Links are easy to read but the converted comments aren’t. Now here’s the more subtle version…

Only header and titles are in the new font. Nothing more to it. Which one looks better to you?

Thanks again for your feedback ^^.


24 thoughts on “New Layout… Part 2

  1. I’m for the latter too. The new font is fine for headers such as the to maybe tag but not recommended for reading text and other subsequent header tags(beyond h3) as they become had to read in smaller size since the font is stretched horizontal and squashed vertical.

  2. Same here, second is better.
    Like divinelight said, if the new fonts is abused too much, it’ll be hard on the eyes.

    It’s good to see the old layout back, the one that I’ve grown to like.

  3. ..Am I the only one with obsessive anal retentiveness who can’s stand the first one because it looks fat…? Must be in proportion! 1st just…ouch. So number two I think.

        1. The current stylized font you see in the photo (if you can’t actually see it on this blog) is called Tenby Six. Custom font option with wordpress and all so it might not make much sense.. ^^;

  4. Can’t really remember what the previous font was in the older setup, but header font isn’t much a problem, as long it can be read… xD

    Liked this wider and simple-looking layout. It gives me less headache having to focus when reading sentences and posts cramped in a small region…

  5. i can just make you a 700px by whatever the other number is that this blog uses if you want.

    it’s what i did with mine =\

    you know you want to stroke my “freelance graphic designer ego” -_-

    choose a font here ;]

    best part is they’re all free

  6. Personally I don’t mind either, as the main content’s font is not affected. But I suppose the majority here going for the normal text which is fine for me too.

    1. The current theme isn’t the original…. I’ve probably changed the layout like five different times before settling on this one xD

  7. I like this look better than the the previous XD.

    It’s wider and the photos looks much much better. Simple yet very informative.

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