Got a call from the Kinokuniya Bookstore today that my order of OTACOOL had arrived :D. Rushed over and was glad I finally got my copy haha. Costed me only $26 which is A ****LOAD better than paying an arm on the internet then a leg for shipping (I would know…). I was a bit surprised at the size of the book though since I thought it would be like photobook size (judging from pics online) but instead, it’s about the dimension of a manga.The lady asked me why I wanted this book out of curiosity so I showed her my own entry and she was like “SUGOII!!! :O” and took the book to show her other coworkers inside the office ^^;. Anyway, I’m sure most of you know what this book is about so I won’t go into the details… other than after skimping through it, I think my room is like the lightest of ’em all in terms of otaku-ness XD. No point showing my entry in the book too since it is much better to just check out the actual photos of my room in this post.

*sigh* now I have to go back to work on the two essays that are due on Monday…


21 thoughts on “OTACOOL

    1. hmm.. i never gave thoughts to that before xD. I didn’t even read it as “multiply”. Always kinda thought it meant “and” >_>

  1. I did intend to share loads of pics of my room (so far i havent posted any yet), but not before my midyear 3-month break. I’ll loot as much merchandise as possible, and get them done. My mom gets irritated that my stuff gets in her way, especially when she wants to clean up my room. Now, some of my older HGs and FGs goes into a box -no point displaying it now, and make space for MGs, PVC girl figures or bigger stuff.

    Just thinking, should i buy HGUC DEndrobium? It would make me the proudest gunpla collector on earth -a local seller is stocking a few of them in!!! Heck, it is a lot more worthy than PG 00 Raiser… My finances and cash flow looks pretty good this year…

    1. Except for the nice looking GN Drives, PG 00 Raiser is just like bunch of plastic chunk. PG Mk.II way better than that kit. So I’ll say go for HGUC Dendrobium since it is quite hard to find these days.


      1. speaking of the PG 00 Raiser…what happened to Z’s? It vanished…

        Good work on getting ur room into that book, Z! I’m actually pretty surprised…but I defenetly think your room’s got what it takes, with all those glass towers and other stuff…like that strange mousepad of yours. xDD

        Are you still working on PG Strike? Hoping to see it soon! ^^

        1. My PG 00 Raiser quantized…

          I am done with my PG Strike… Just need to find the time and weather to topcoat and shoot some photos.

  2. I NEED your room XP

    Seriously though some of the rooms in here look great, makes mine look kinda plain though T_T

    Whats your secret

  3. wheee!!! finally you got yours, In there is the rooms of my 2 favorite bloggers, you and Alodia Gosienfiao’s ^^,

    mine is still on it’s way, >.<

  4. Haven’t seen it at my closest Kinokuniya. I should check again later.

    I don’t have much to be called a collection so I didn’t enter. ^ ^;

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