Perfect Grade Page Up!… Sorta

So here’s what’s up… First off, I’v put up the WISP Page for the two PG models. I have decided to combine the WISP page into one separate page from the actual review since the WISP for the Skygrasper is ridiculously short and the WISP for the PG Strike is ridiculously long. Putting up the WISP now and then the actual review later so I don’t have to type up and upload everything at once… which is too time-consuming at the moment. Putting the WISP in its own page also helps to keep comments focused and easier for everyone to ask similar questions and find answers.

I think that’s all I have to say for now… Heh, it’s about time I actually post something Gundam here.


11 thoughts on “Perfect Grade Page Up!… Sorta

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