Big Package from Sony

A relatively huge box came for me today but it wasn’t a TV or anything like that. Just thought I had to share this because I was semi-amused at the amount of packaging Sony need to ship this little item.

I had to buy replacement headphones for my Sony S738F walkman mp3 player (Sony never bothered to give it a name) since the original set died in less than a year. These aren’t any ordinary headphones since I need them for the noise-canceling feature to work on the player.

I used this thing just about everyday for 3-4 hours and I love how I only have to recharge it every 2-3 weeks. The noise-canceling feature does its job of blocking most noises around me to allow me to just enjoy the music and nothing else. Love to use this during boring lectures in class too…

Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of Sony’s proprietary parts. The reason for this is because the plug has an extra chip to allow the built-in mic on the headphones to pick up noise for the NC to work… which doesn’t work with normal headphones. It seems like Sony never bothered to up the durability on their headphones; I remember I went through three pairs of their ~$50 Fontopia in-ear headphones in just one year because the cord would eventually just… rub away (literally!) and exposes the cables inside o_O. They were some of the best but dang… they don’t even last! The only tank-solid device I have from Sony is my Playstation and Sony Ericsson K800i… and my TV because I never really use it >_>.

Here’s said headphones that came in that huge box xD. $35 out of my wallet right here… orz.

Has Sony ever been reliable for you?


26 thoughts on “Big Package from Sony

  1. a ridiculous amount of boxing for a small set of headphones.
    man they are not crazy about boxing stuff. XD, SONY hasn’t been our main appliance since recently, before our K800 phones are and my now busted PS1 are the only SONY products here, and generic memory cards/sticks work on them so we didn’t bother getting original parts, ^^ so… not much i have to say. ^^

    1. Oh yea… they like to make everything proprietary (including memory) which was one of the main reason why I avoid their cameras…

      1. yeah good thing their BRAVIA set, and HDMI DVD player runs “other” Flash drive brands, or else we would return this uver expensive equipment

  2. LOL..The package is ridiculous :P

    Well, been through a couple of Sony shops in my country and to be honest, they must have had the worse packaging for an “expensive” item that i have ever seen. Their laptop sleeves are almost the most expensive available around, and they just come with those plastics, as if purchased from night market or something..

  3. I too can attest to the quality of Sony devices, I own a Sony MD Network Walkman MZ-N707 which I have for more than 5 years and still working and also a Sony Walkman W810i which I dropped countless times from waist level and above, and yet still functioning as normal. :D

    Unfortunately, the cables and earphones that came bundled together were woeful and didn’t last more than a year. Sound quality-wise is good but not so for the durability though.

  4. i have the E444 walkman player. it says that it has 30Hours of playback stamina which i think it’s a pure BS. i use it like 1-2hours a day and it only last me less than 5 days. A lot of conditions to be considered for the battery life like the song bitrate, dynamic equaliser, backlight and such… which i can’t take all into consideration ( i can’t compress all my songs to a lower bitrate since that would take ages) so i just live with it.

    I had to spend a fortune on the ugly silly-con case because the screen is such a scratch magnet. and 1 month after i bought it, Sony released 2 other models of walkman. darn.

  5. Ha! I have to something to say against Sony.

    Is Sony’s product reliable? Yes. Are they the best? Definitely nope.
    Their products comes at a hefty price which have roughly the same specifications with other brands with much lesser price.

    Take my VAIO for example. It has crashed multiple times during my first few months of using it. Luckily it’s okay now.

  6. I have a E507 mp3 walkman, and i charge it once a month. when I bought it 5 years ago it was $130 and the only mp3 player that had a radio for less than $250. Gotta say I love the little bugger, but durability isn’t one of sony’s strong suits. Their headphones tend to get crackly after a few months

  7. Oh dayum. 3-4 hours a day, and only recharge ever 2-3 weeks?! Thats like…(14*3=42….21*4=84) 42-84 hours of battery life!
    My iPod only goes for 20-30 hours before it caves and dies on me. Sigh, I’ll gladly be trading in my iPod for one of those suckers.
    Maybe I should just get one…How much was it anyways?

  8. lol when i saw the word “Big” my first guess was Playstation 3…xD Anyway i wont buy a huge electronic item online no matter how careful the delivery company handle their parcels…

  9. I got a Walkman too but…mine doesn’t have the noise-cancelling thing. I tried to get noise cancelling earphones but it doesn’t isolate EVERYTHING, just most of the sounds…the walkman itself is pretty durable though…I’ve lost count of how many times i’ve dropped mine and all it has is a few scratches and nicks. I use mine everyday too. Its pretty much the portal that gets me away from this world…whenever I wanna go into my mind my walkman always helps.
    Its been serving me for a good two years now and I hope it’ll last a lot longer. (Although my friends keep telling me to get an iPod)
    Which do you pefer? iPod or Walkman? Personally I don’t think the iPod’s sound quality is anywhere near the Walkmans but…eh, everyone’s opinion varies. ^^
    Hope you enjoy ur new headphones!

    1. I hate the iPod… and not just because it’s popular. Its audio capabilities are just plain mediocre and the damn thing scratches like no tomorrow. I used to have the 30 GB iPod video… I gave it away to my friend.

  10. have no idea too why people also ask me things like “why don’t get an ipod touch?”… =.= People these days just get turned on gadgets that LOOK NICE, just like the Iphone. I’ll never care about an Iphone cuz’ I care the most about the camera on a phone. So Apple’s phone is not ideal, not even HTC or blackberries. I hate carrying many stuff with me when i go out (even a separate camera, but cant be helped i have to bring my laptop if I’m spending time at Starbucks), so i need a gadget that has everything inside -good cam, good music player and internet. Nokia’s N-series suits me the most.

    In my place in Malaysia, it is just as irritating that whenever you talk about gadgets the first things my friends mention what i don’t want to hear -Iphone 3GS!!! ==

  11. Apart from Playstation, now I’m annoyed using SE handphone these days. Why? Well, I got mine 3 year old w850i repair ‘coz the ribbon inside is ruin, but after few weeks its like…PC’s blue screen of death ! Instead of blue, it’s white ! Why some very nice handphone turns out to be very unreliable these days……. Looks like I’ma switch back to Motorola instead now…

    1. That’s a hot phone you have there. I would’ve picked that one up if I didn’t have a mp3 player… along with other mp3 playing devices ^^;

  12. Sony’s earbuds always die on me. But then again… most headphones do, even my beloved Zumreed Dreams headphones died this week ;_;. They were the greatest headphones I ever owned, and I treated them like it was my child.

    My eyes have been wavering towards the Sony Ericsson XPeria X10 recently. Man, what a sexy phone that is all around. But such phones usually from about six-seven hundred and up! I’d have to take out a loan to get one =(

  13. Might wanna consider getting foam tips instead for better isolation? And yeah Sony has been durable for me. Cant say much about the exterior quality though.

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