Carne Asada

Here’s another quick and easy dish for one of those late homework nights courtesy of Chef Z: Carne Asada… or simply grilled meat ^^;. Gotta love steak… delicious, full of protein, and too easy to cook (and screw up).

Just dump a bunch of chili peppers, paprika, ground pepper, white pepper, light salt, any sort of herbs and seasoning you can find, etc. and squeeze a slice of orange on it. Done!

Fire up the grill, drop in the steak, take a picture…

Repeat for the other side and you’re done. Serve with rice and a cold drink… preferably beer.

I prefer my steak medium-rare to medium so this came out just about right. Total cooking time took about 40 seconds… that is faster than your cup o’ noodles! This is nothing fancy but it sure provide a filling meal ^^;.



27 thoughts on “Carne Asada

  1. “[…]courtesy of Chef Z”

    With more entries being other than Gunpla–especially concerning food–I’m expecting sooner or later a picture you dressed in a somewhat tacky, somewhat fashionable custom-made chef’s outfit (predominantly in the favorite color of your choice) with Hans Zimmer music in the background of your webpage, and a bunch of meals (probably made within an hour). :P

    You need to change (by expansion) your title again to something along the lines of, “Z’s ‘Real’ Gunpla Reviews and [a Home Look on] Food Tips“. :)

      1. naw… a dash of orange juice doesn’t make it sweet. Actually, I didn’t even taste any orange in there so it’s more like to make this meal more fancy to cook than it really is xD

  2. And that’s another quick dish for our Z! Hmmm, maybe I should get a grill myself as well… I totally need a bigger variety in my cooking options as well. XP

    BTW, did you do something to your rice as well? It doesn’t look like plain ol’ rice to me.

  3. i’m diggin the food post z!

    there was a ton of hype about chipotle seasoning on the food network in the past couple of years. my wife and i broke down and got a bottle of chipotle powder and we now understand what all the hype was about.

    the spice is expensive and you don’t need much of it to season you meats with. its a must have for people who like to grill meats.

  4. nice, but i do like my meat well done =p

    try this next time Z, it’s simply called “beep is steak” in tagalog or to be specific, beef steak (but it’s not really grilled)

    buy some pretty thin slices of beef (dunno the parts i just look at the meat isle and know what to get =p) and marinade it (overnight is best) in soy sauce, chopped garlic, a bit of vinegar, and pepper. you wanna achieve a bit of kick with the vinegar is all, since i don’t measure.

    french cut some potatoes and the onions in half rings when you’re ready to cook

    fry the meat in some really hot oil and add more soy if it gets a bit too dry but don’t drench it, just enough so it caramelizes with the onions (obviously don’t add the veggies until the meat is almost done)

    this goes great with plane white rice and/or egg drop soup.

    p.s. now i know you said you like your meat medium-rare to medium but try and make this one close to well done. the overnight marinade should keep the inside tender and soft while the outside has a nice firm crisp on it.

    1. in street slang its called bistek tagalog^^ a new variation to it for me, cause i don’t fry the meat for that meal, except in kaldereta.


    2. That’s a load of steps but new recipes are always welcomed. That sounds good too! I’ll keep that in mind for next time. Thanks ^^

  5. Mmmm, carne asada, reminds me of all the summer BBQ’s my family had when I was a kid. I don’t know why, but I like to have panda express and wild cherry pepsi when I build gunpla or watch gundam via youtube.

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