Kit Kat from Japan

Sometimes I see stuff like this and I just can’t help but to think “Guess things really are more interesting in Japan… even American stuff!”. I wish Kit Kat/Hershey in America could pump out such interesting (and outright delicious) varieties. All we ever get is stuff like sugar free, dark, and peanut butter and other garden varieties -_-. Anyway, here’s what I picked up…

White chocolate Kit Kat… Nothing special. Just a little too sweet and creamy ^^;

Kinako Ohagi Kit Kat… soybean flour mochi is what I can roughly understand this flavor as. A bit like peanut butter… but kinda not ^^;

A more interesting flavor- Ginger Ale Kit Kat! Just had to grab this one out of curiosity! and it’s surprising good! It’s sorta like a lemon creme wafer (from the “lemon powder”) when eating…then you get the ginger ale aftertaste :D

Probably the best one. I love Royal Milk Tea! so no doubt that I would love this one too haha ^^;

Now for the best part on the packaging…

“Anata no karorii kontoro~ru wo sapo~to!” = Basically “Support your calorie control!”… I cracked up reading it.

Any awesome or interesting variety of snacks in your neck of the woods? Do share!



14 thoughts on “Kit Kat from Japan

  1. we seriously suffer the same thing. in terms of imported chocolates. all we get is the same milk chocolate, dark (my personal fave), peanut, and other whatnot.

    nice thing is local brand here here created choknut, like a hybrid of chocolate/peanut without chewing a hard peanut while eating.

    but if you are looking for some sweets, the Philippines have many to offer, like, biko, ube, kalamay, pichi-pichi, sapin-sapin, and many more, most of our sweet snacks are rice variety, or we call it “kakanin” ^^

    1. agreed, don’t forget to mention puto bumbong and a nice fresh coconut cut with a straw stuck in it and ready to drink on the side =D

      and to note, chocnut does not taste like reeses Z, it’s better =p

      1. o yea i forgot. ^^ let’s not also forget the bibingka, which is more delicious when the holidays are coming near. ^^ i we could mention more, like skramble, (hehe just came into mind). but really i came to realize now we are blessed with many home made sweets.

        can we still consider them as sweets? because eating 1/4 bilao (about a 13 inch diameter plate made of straw) of sapin-sapin is enough to fill me? ^^

  2. Man, you guys in Asia have it good. Canadian Kit-Kat is the same thing as American Kit-Kat except there isn’t a full layer of plain sugar under the wafer layers. The most extravagant kind of chocolate bar you can get nationwide is coconut-flavoured.
    However, there’s these little British meat stores full of wonders that are quite scarce (I know of three stores within four provincial/stateside borders in all directions) but have a great selection. There’s even all those crazy Kit-Kats! Problem is, they’re four-fifty a bar.
    Would four-fifty for that ginger-ale one be a good deal?

  3. Yeah, same here -the usual types of chocolate that i don’t have to repeat (you mentioned it). But, there are some Japanese chocolates here at my place that contain wine, or alcohol (I can’t read Japanese, just judging from the illustration, but confirmed there’s alcohol)!! Ranges Between 1-5%… *Wonders how it tastes like…

  4. We used to get limited white chocolate editions of stuff like Kit-Kat and Twix occasionally. I could probably pop into Safeway and find something since they always import stuff.

  5. There were also some miso flavoured KitKats that my sister had bought when we were in Yokohama last year (specially made 50th anniversary of opening for Yokohama port or somethiing like that) . Those ones taste a bit odd though I must admit…

  6. I don’t like white/milk chocolate as they taste so sweet. Dark chocolate tastes just right!

    But the kit kats here are just the originals. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. XD

  7. America is fat enough as it is. No need to encourage us to get fatter by adding a larger variety of flavors! :P
    I heard Japan has a buhzillion different flavors of Fanta (com[ared to what, our 3 or so?), including banana.
    I’d love to try a banana-flavored soda…

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