MG Astray Red Frame Boxart

Badass boxart for the MG Red Frame but not quite as badass as Sword Impulse’s or the Gouf 2.0’s ^^. I would like a bit more dynamic pose similar to the PG box but this is good too. That triangle setup on its back reminds me of Delta Astray…

Now that clean shots of the completed model is out, I think we can now make some speculations… such as the gold parts on the Gerbera Straight. Since it has panel lines, I don’t think it’ll be gold-plated but molded instead… similar to Destiny Gundam EBm’s “chrome” parts. This is a plus so that means there won’t be hideous nub marks and gold paint can actually blend in pretty well :D.

Images from Ngee Khiong

Not sure why Bandai decided to flip the setup on its back into a “V” since I think the other way (*my way*) looks a lot better xD. What’s the point anyway if you’re just gonna rotate it again to put it in flight mode? Anyway… I can’t wait to get my hands on this ^_^

I know all of you are wondering where the heck is the PG Strike review and all that… sorry, life’s been busy socially and academically so I’m working on the photoshoot bit by bit whenever I have the free time ^^;.

*looks at the blog calendar* … … holy cow. Did I really not post a single thing for the last ten days?

Chinese New Year is coming soon! YAY!


62 thoughts on “MG Astray Red Frame Boxart

  1. For some reason the Tactical Arms in this kit seems kind of tacked on, like it’s not really supposed to be there. I wish they were releasing this without it (hopefully that would make it a lot cheaper too)

  2. I put the MG Gundam Astray as my wishlist, but I was given a PG Gundam Astray.
    Would you consider this lucky or bad (saying if the MG might just beat the PG.)

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