First 7 Minute of Gundam Unicorn

It’s great to be watching a UC Gundam series again… well, just a tiny bit of it.

from Ngee Khiong


48 thoughts on “First 7 Minute of Gundam Unicorn

  1. Hey Z, I have a question regarding the Mekki Silver gundam marker you bought a lil while back: Does it come off w/ either the Eraser marker or alcohol?

    I bought Mekki Silver GM from a LHS, and the stuff is amazing – it’s like a bit lesser version of Alclad chrome (which is close to electroplated silver) and doesn’t leave brush marks. Anyhows, I ask b/c I heard that the GM formula had been changed; the older markers had illegal substances in them but were great.. but the formula has been changed to Alcohol based markers which are not so great.. but yeah, I have other GM colors and they all wash off easy w/ 90% alcohol..except the Mekki – it just stays there undaunted, unaffected on my paint palette. is yours like this too? Please let me know, as I would like to know if the Mekki line’s formula has been changed as well. thanks!

    1. Going from what you’re saying, then yea they probably changed the formula. I tested it just now and I can clean off the paint with alcohol… but I use 99% alcohol so that might do the trick ^^;

  2. Preordered my copy of the first episode on Bluray! A little expensive for just an hour long episode… I’ll have to see if it’s worth is for all subsequent episodes.

    Seeing Kshatriya in action makes me really want an MG version to come out

  3. hey Z,
    Thanks for the reply. Just out of curiosity, what is the luster/shininess of your Mekki silver? I saw your GM posting but couldn’t tell very well what the Mekki was truly like. Is your Mekki anything like this:

    sorry for the long bit. Yeah, just asking b/c I was thinking about getting Mekki from GundamstoreandMore since they are prit cheap (LHS sells them for almost 10 each). But if the luster of the GM Mekki you got isn’t as strong, then it might be better for me to get the ones from the LHS. please let me know when you can, thanks a ton!

    1. From what I’ve exp using mekki GM, it will shine if paint evenly, & looks much better using it to paint those tiny bit of details (e.g. pipes etc.). But this marker need to keep using it or the mekki color will start to “disappear” & left the alcohol behnd…(happen on 2 of my mekki GM..sheez..)

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