What is up…

Just gonna dump a few random stuff and unrelated thoughts in this post so I don’t have to make multiple posts ^^;. Finally picked up the Feb issue of Dengeki Hobby at my local Kinokuniya so I don’t have to pay for that absurd shipping. Both Feb issue of Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan features the MG V Gundam one way or another but I almost wanted HJ’s issue because it had a custom MG V2 >_>. Prepare for a very long post ahead…

Bought this issue mainly for the Unicorn base stickers… and I supposed the PG 00 Raiser Guide is a nice bonus too (if I ever get around to watching it).

Clear blue parts (spraypainted onto the original clear parts)- I actually thought this looked cool. By the way, am I the only one who thinks the clear parts campaign is pointless? For some model, it’s like “why the heck you even bothered?” because the clear parts only cover like a part of the legs/arms (Dom, RX-79[G], Sazabi to name a few)… or just the crotch. The MG V Gundam has some more meaningful areas cleared out.

Whoever put this GFFMC Unicorn out for display in this crooked pose should be BANNED from posing another model/figure.

BADASS BOXART IS BADASS… too bad it has to be for the Trans-Am Exia >_>. And why is he not using the GN Sword?!

Above two images jacked from Ngee Khiong.

I finally got new glasses! ^o^ I’ve been using my last pair for like the last… six or seven years >_>. Can someone explain why glasses frames cost like an arm (any decent ones range from $100-$300)? then the lens cost a leg? Even with half off, I still end up forking over $200 o_o (main reason why I held off on new glasses for so long… money was better spent elsewhere… like Gunpla). Just think about it- for the price of a wii… I got new glasses. At least I can see better…

Couldn’t help myself… I got the Astray Red Frame Kai before all of you! HA! *runs away*

I never showed you the finished model huh? Well, here it is in non-topcoated glory… because you won’t get to see it like this in the review xP

Review will definitely be here before the end of the month. Only reason I’m taking so long is because I only want to use pure daylight for shooting- it looks more natural that way ^^.

Think I’m gonna leave the eyes on for the whole photoshoot too…

I’ll throw this out right now… This model is so damn backheavy with the Aile Striker on! D:

Lolz. Alright, that’s all!


42 thoughts on “What is up…

  1. Yes I also seing these clear part campaign, & was too interested until saw what they did on V’s clear part, that’s nice !

    Panel line galore on PG Strike ! I wonder when I’ll getting this smexy kit though… ;>.> Think this kit would be the next nightmare after what I did on my Sinanju…huhu..

    Woot, for a price of Wii ?? That’s like…MYR1k+ man !! But yeah, extra protections all bro really need. =)

  2. Hahha Nice RF Kai. It looks awesome, I juss recently finished Cherudim 1/144HG still have an Arios to build. I’ve been tired of building lately.(Also have a cold, throat hurts so bad.. ):) Back into gaming mode now, anyone play Phantasy Star Zero?

  3. @Clear Part Campaign things you point out, Z: I don’t really understand the concept of clear parts at all (not only that not whole model is clear, but in general). I mean why would anyone want to use those things? If you wanted to see inner frame you can just use no armor parts. If you want mom MG model clear then you wont be able to see any mechanism, just boring insides.

    So why are they so popular?

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