New Gundam 00 Movie Trailer

Finally, we have a new trailer/teaser on the upcoming (half a year away) Gundam 00 movie. I’m on campus library right now so I didn’t watch it with audio but I still want to throw down some thoughts from what we can see so far. Here’s the video:

– Despite being a movie, the animation style seems to be like that of the anime… so it’s not too impressive for now. I do noticed that there are a lot more Windows 7 prettiness in the cockpits though.

– Louise with long hair again ftw!

– Sumeragi seems younger (see hawt :3)

– Billy for Celestial Being?

– Marina is still depressed…

– Trans-Graham/Mr. Bushido is with CB too?!

– Tieria can clone himself

– Why must Allelujah’s Gundam always have those lame puny pewpew beam guns?

– Lockon’s Gundam shoots GN Nerf darts… Watch out Heavyarms!

– Leave it to Tieria to carry the BFG! :D

– Space-type Flag Graham Custom win

– 00 Quan[T] : SWORD FUNNELS!

Original source: Ngee Khiong


46 thoughts on “New Gundam 00 Movie Trailer

  1. Hmmm, with tieria wearing Setsuna’s pilot suit, I think i can guess what that quantum system is. I think Setsuna gets a new suit, that has whatever nanochips or microchips embedded that enables him to interface with his Gundam’s OS, directly influencing the MS’s actions by mere thoughts like newtypes. That’s Quantum system? Very much like psychoframe concept taking advantage of his innovator ability…

  2. can’t wait for the movie….hahaha….
    in any case, 00 qant look like don’t have any beam weapon(especially gun)….many solid/blade weapon from what i see….i wonder what it true potential….hahaha….
    Zabanya, the new dynames???…i wonder….
    Harute, it cool but it kinda big at his back???
    Raphael, i dunno what 2 say….hahaha…

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