Future Gunpla Releases

I can’t even come up with a proper title to describe how much WIN Bandai is dropping on us this year. First off, here’s some tidbit to clear some things up- apparently Bandai is merging all their HG lines into one “HG Across the Universal Century” line (hence maybe that’s why you start seeing the series title on the box now too) so that’s how you get upcoming things like the HG 1/144 God Gundam, Gundam X, and ZZ Gundam. Guess Bandai finally realize that they have more Gundam series in their library than just UC, SEED and 00.

MG Shin Musha Gundam Mk. II…. based on Gundam MK-II 2.0’s frame! That means this thing will be even more poseable than Shin Musha’s OYW/1.5 frame! I wonder if it’ll be plated…

Wow… a MG Wing Gundam. Honestly, I never guessed this day would come! I should pick it up… and turn it into a Ver. Ka. Now wouldn’t that be one cruel joke? Here’s to hoping for a MG Wing Zero (Siroh will be thrilled…)

Kyrios’ shield? It seems like Bandai is just regularly whipping out new functions and forms for the TA out of nowhere. Maybe Lowe himself is behind the MG development of his own Gundam? Only explanation!

Now for the most shocking…

OMG GURREN LAGANN VER. KA! MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE! *checks calendar* It’s not April 1st either! Has Bandai finally kick reason to the curb?! This better not be some sort of “rumor” or anything like that. I can’t wait to see all those katoki warning decals on it ahah! instead of “CAUTION! BEWARE OF BLAST!” all over the place, it should say “DANGER! BEWARE OF DRILLS!”….. what is going on here? o_o

source: Ngee Khiong


65 thoughts on “Future Gunpla Releases

  1. Although I am not sure how many I am planning to get from all this awesomeness, I must say that the stuff annouced so far from the latest issue of Hobby Japan is already much more exciting than the whole WonFes 2010 Winter for me already (laughs)

  2. I’m still waiting for MG Saviour, MG Flag and MG 00Raiser. I hope that I will not have to wait to the end of the world for the release date of them…

  3. Slowly catching up with the blogroll…

    I am not sure how many I am planning to get from there, but the new gunpla annoucement from this issue of Hobby Japan is more exciting than the whole WonFes 2010 Winter for me already!

      1. lol the fact that we have to scroll that long way down makes me lazy to read every single replies and comments… Q might have forgotten he said the same thing for this reason too… xD

  4. I think something in my computer’s broken. o_0 Now I have either to spend all the money I was saving up for gunpla – or get off my lazy ass and check what’s wrong my self and then probably spend my savings on repair parts/etc, since kicking the thing just isn’t working this time round…
    Baba, where is my AK47? I am needing to attack something and make the boom boom. Then I set us up the bigger boom boom and attack the goat herder for his invi——– CENCORED

  5. Damn! MG Wing Gundam looking really slick and slender. Just love how the buster rifle is longer and a lot less chubbier than previous incarnations (I have the 1/60 DX Wing Gundam). I was hoping to save money and stop buying Gundams for a while, but I couldn’t help myself and preordered it.

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