Bigger yet Smaller than a Perfect Grade

Oh yea…


36 thoughts on “Bigger yet Smaller than a Perfect Grade

  1. Hey Z!!!!!!!
    Just got back home from charity work in Sri Lanka and can finally use my laptop for more than 5 minutes straight + without useless external batteries.^^
    Oh well… just felt like saying something…

  2. Ok, I guess I do have something worth asking.
    Are they still supplying the issue you got mr. unicorn head from anywhere?
    I was too broke to pick one up when it was first released.

    1. doubt it man. discontinued. best you could do is ebay or amazon, perhaps message boards.

      i know, i’m kickin’ myself for not getting 2 now. but then again, it would have been the price of 2 regular MGs or 1 super awesome one. =\

    1. I don’t think there’s much to review about this… it’s just a head display xD. Not to mention no one would probably be able to pick it up in the future anyway heh…

    1. also, damn you for getting those shiny eye stickers in the feb issue! i had to paint mine =\

      maybe i can make my very own eye utilizing the bleed area on foil stickers! =D

      1. this will make you feel better- the eyes and the stickers are actually the clear sticker type. In other words, they’re crap (at least for the eyes). The markings I like though.

    2. hey you happen to live on the Philippines right??

      there is a Tagcon or Toycon on Robinsons Ermita until tomorrow, Gunpla prices dropped from usual prices, PG Strike costs about Php7.9k,

      just giving you a head’s up if yer interested^^

  3. As cool as a Unicorn head will look, I didn’t get this because I don’t want the HGUC Unicorns (since I got the MG) stuck above its own “giant head”.

    Haha, I see you’re going with your own custom v-fin again.

  4. When I first saw this, I thought: “Wait, Z got another Unicorn? Must’ve been the HD version.”
    But then I read the comments. Which brings this to mind.
    Are you getting the HD version with the cage and the modifications?

    1. Nope. I put that model up there with the Titanium version… a waste of money if you already have the original, though I must say the HD version is better looking and has some more purpose than the Titanium finish ver.

      1. Quite true. Be careful if you do see it, though. From the stuff I’ve seen for the OVA, the boxart could possibly be a little too badass to resist.

      1. you mean with using one button transformation (spring loaded maybe) or led all over the psyco frame as an excuse for 30-35k yen price tag

  5. The Unicorn Head as a stand is more suited for HGUC rather than for MG, but even by itself it should be a nice desktop display. I was tempted to get one but decided not to at the end. Looking forward to see your finished product though!

  6. Cool! I was planning to get the Unicorn Head stand as well, but balked when I saw the price they were selling over here in M’sia. Btw… currently working on my MG Unicorn… took your tip on spraying clear red on the psychoframe parts… am really lovin the look ;)

  7. ive got a crazy idea that they will remember this thing and make a whatever scale this head is body for it like the 1/48 or something rx 78

  8. OH gundam unicorn head hahaha yeah should buy 2 -_- I just have one and still unbuild yet but It will turn into display bust not stand :D

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