What is Up… 3/1/10

I am still a bit (very) slow on new projects nowadays but I’m still trying to manage at least one project a month… even if said project is just a head XD. I’ve been playing SRW W (on my third run ahah) to get myself hyped up more than I already am for the MG Red Frame… and it works! The Astray Gundams are probably some of the most powerful Gundams to be featured in a SRW (seems like someone at Banpresto must share our love for the Red Frame). Not to mention the most fun. Kira and co. can get lost.

Zengar and Rom Stol have trained Lowe well :D

Chikin Ramen you like? It comes with an “egg pocket” for you to crack one on and cook together with the noodle. It’s supposedly better that way.

All the msg is coated on the noodle ^^

The egg didn’t came out as cooked as it looks like on the package but it was delicious anyway! Now for the most amazing find of the day around the house…

I don’t know how nor do I know where this came from but I found it and oh damn do I miss this oh so much TToTT. As it said on the can, it really is just deep fried fish with black beans. This is like… one of the best stuff on Earth. I can’t describe just how utterly delicious it is…  and in a very dirt cheap way. I just love it! It might be swimming in a pool of oil inside and lacking in nutrient, but it is STILL better than cup noodles! It’s so sad and stupid that this stuff is banned because it contains some negligible amount of cancer-causing stuff… while tobacco and McDonald’s are still all over the place. I call BS…

Official completed MG Wing Gundam- Seems like it has anime proportions. I LIKE!

… and this is how it actually looks like straight out of the box xD. So remember to do the panel lines and add the top coat!

Images from Ngee Khiong

Anyway, guess i’ll be using “what is up…” posts from time to time to post random assortments of things outside of the project stuff. Seems useful so I don’t have to make little posts about virtually nothing ^^;.

54 thoughts on “What is Up… 3/1/10

  1. … ME LIKE RED POWERED… the mg wing looks pretty darn nice too! ^^ The color looks relatively accurate straight built…

  2. Wow… I only managed to clear the first playthrough not too long ago. SRW games seem very lengthy to me. I’d pair up Astray BF-LL and Powered Red and upgrade their mobility to strike deep into the enemy before everyone else. Gets their morale high and ready for their combination attacks on the boss. IMO Kira in this game seems pretty crap compared to Athrun. I think Shin Getter 1 + Mazinkaiser make a high damage team but Mazinkaiser’s mobility even after upgrades was far too lousy compared to Shin Getter.

    BTW added you to my blogroll! Love your GFF collection.

  3. YEEEEEEEY!! My MG Red Frame arrived at the shop, a little earlier than expected! Just picked it up this afternoon^_^

    Can’t quite get started on it till I get the waterslide decals, but at least it’s HERE! I’m so, SO happy today…

    …that I caved and pre-ordered the MG Wing, though I’m perfectly happy with my Ver. Ka. The promotional shots and features are too cool, dammit. Put down an order for the HG Gundam X as well.

  4. Hahha Got my Red Frame 2 days ago. But sadly I don’t wanna start it until I get my new cutters and files that i ordered. And start the Kyrios that’s about 2 weeks over due. :(

    Over ordered like crazy, Guan-Yu, Zhang-Fei and Liu-Bei Gundam on the way. I wanna pre-order Wing MG, but I’m not sure how long amiami is gonna run there 50% off shipping… *sigh*

  5. MG Wing looks great since the OOB version and the “finished” version has barely any difference!
    But the higher price tag than the Ver.Ka is still offing me somewhat… hafta wait until the reviews are out before I think of pulling the trigger on this one.

    And yes, Red Frame is awesome… do want a Powered Red Frame. *_*

    Mmmm, the ramen looks nice. I wonder if fried dace tastes nice… since I’ve never tasted it personally. ^^;

  6. Can someone tell me what’s the easiest model between the MG infinite justice, strike freedom, exia, sword impulse or the wildwurger(looks the hardest).

    I’m new so i’ll probably not use any paint jobs etc and just build it straight out. I’ve been reading it takes 9hrs roughly :'(

    I thought the Wing gundam ver ka looked the best out of them all… Why are they making another one :S

    1. Pick the one you think looks the coolest. For a straight build, they’re all about even I think.

      Except Strike Freedom has wing issues, and Exia won’t stand. That doesn’t really contribute to the difficulty of the construction though.

      1. Nothing beat I.Justice! I hope it doesn’t turn out scrubby.

        I wasnt planning on getting s.impulse and exia as well until i read Z’s review. *sigh*

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