The Swords have Arrived…

With finals being just around the corner and last minute assignments due, I won’t have the time to work on anything until Spring break. Heck, I’m not even done with the Unicorn head display yet haha! All the parts are still a mess on the floor. Anyway… A rather unsurprising loot came a few days ago and I only took a glance over one of them…

MG Astray Red Frame: Cool decals… but damn those clear stickers look annoyingly obnoxious to apply ^^;. Maybe I should opt for the waterslides instead…

Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce!

it’s the same ****-colored-gold you see from Strike Freedom. Thankfully, I have a few choice of gold paint at my disposal (and so should you!). Got nothing to say for the 007S/G since I haven’t even peeked inside yet ^^;… but it has swords! That’s all that matters to know it is good stuff!

When will I get to work on this model? I have no idea. I am entertaining myself with many Gunpla ideas at the moment, from poses to fights, to even paintjobs (yes you will see a painted model from me this year) that I don’t even know which to make priority TToTT. I’ll definitely go astray after my Unicorn head display though…


55 thoughts on “The Swords have Arrived…

  1. they were once in my to-buy-list, until i bought 2 GFFMC this month… But I’d look forward to your MG Red Frame Kai more than the HG 00 7S/G, prefer the former :D

  2. SHould’ve opened the 00-7S/G first, temptation to build wouldn’t have been as long and problematic, since it’s only seven runners including PC parts (I think). If I can build HGs OOB and study at the same time, I’m sure someone so much more experienced than I can, too.

    1. Yea… it’s “only” seven runners… for a 1/144! The Gunpla world sure is amazing.

      and I think “much more experienced” people tend to be slower on their models… or maybe that’s just me ^^;

      1. Yes, “much more experienced” tend to fix much much more slower than usual, ‘coz we want it look very nice & to be satisfied with the result of it. =)

      2. Hey, the 1/72 Armored Core kits are about the height of the MG Crossbone most of the time, and they don’t have an inner frame. But somehow you get swamped with fifty runners or more. No PG has that many runners.
        Personally, what I’d do would be to straight-build it while working, check it out, and then think of what kind of color scheme to give it for the following week-end.

  3. I also bought the seven swords, due to well swords too. I will target the rf asap. Planning to build it very slowly and still preparing my custom coloscheme, so confusing

  4. Sweet, my own MG Red Frame will be arriving tomorrow or Friday at tops. I’m thinking about using Mica Red on it mmm. Anyways, given that I’m still involved in the VF-25S project it’ll be a while before I begin with it.

  5. I’m still on the fence for the Red Frame. I know it’ll look really good next to my Blue Frame but…. I don’t know, the Tactical Arms looks so strange on it. Wish it was cheaper and just came with the 2 katanas. Doubt they’ll release a version like that though

  6. I heard from my friend who finished the red frame -something that i was surprised- despite the bulk on the rear it is VERY stable. O_O A lot better than MG Exia, Strike, and Freedom. Really surprised…

  7. Hey, something I noticed as I’m taking my Blue Frame runners out of their bags so I can start building it…

    There’s only like…2 runners of ABS plastic on here! I expected the inner frame – which is pretty much everything blue on this kit (as opposed to red on the Red Frame), to be made of sturdy ABS.

    Now I’m starting to understand the abundance of polycaps here. Normal PS plastic probably wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of the joints without some kind of smooth polycap surface to reduce friction. I’m a little disappointed in this regard, but I guess I’ll see what happens after it’s built.

    I’m starting to worry about the Red Frame’s stability now.

    1. 2 runners of polycaps. Mostly used up. The only issue you may experience is back-heaviness, but it can stand better than the Exia. Andi heard RF is a further improvement when you compare it to the BF.

  8. Just finished building, and I’m about to start detailing. I will say though that I didn’t enjoy the look of the tactical arms on the back of the RF. If anything it looks best when kept in bow form. I think I’m going to kit bash the backpack from my 1/100 RF onto this.

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