Got hungry so I went down to the fridge to browse for some grubs, but unfortunately I didn’t find anything that was readily edible. Luckily, I saw a pack of gyutan sitting in the corner so “Hey HEY!”

Didn’t have anything like onions and stuff like that so I just dumped a good amount of chili sesame oil, dash of salt and pepper, and a splash of shoyu on the meat. Fire up the grill and let ’em sizzle. All done!

My five minute gyutan don! so tender! TToTT… Who would’ve thought beef tongue could be so easy to make and so delicious? :D



19 thoughts on “Gyutan

    1. lolz actually it’s considered a Chinese delicacy XD… but not as much as the pork version tho… never actually tasted it… I think ^^;

  1. I was surprised to find when you revealed it’s beef tongue. As a chinese, I tried pork parts before but never really like them since I think too much when I eat, haha…

  2. You should make a page that’s titled “food” cuz you post on average 1-2 food posts between about 4-5 Gunpla posts.
    Like eating, eh, Z? (Then again, who doesnt?)

    I personally am against eating things like chicken claws/feet (which my mom loves) and tongue’s and some other akward body parts of animals. Not that they taste bad or I’m against meat eating, but I just think it’s kinda disgusting. xD
    Whenever I eat beef or pork I perfer not to think about what animal and what part of it’s body I’m eating. xDD

  3. beef tongue? Kuroge Wagyu Joshio Tanyaki 680 Yen! 黒毛和牛上塩タン焼き735円! I learnt about it from Ai Otsuka’s songs. I’d never eat that… ahaha.

  4. What’s another delicacy you’ve ever eaten, Z?
    For me, I ate skewered goat penis once (accidentally, but have to say they taste good) XP

  5. Beef tongue very tender.
    I keep laughing when i hear beef tongue as my friend once told me who was a lover of meat. ” You’d never know where its tongue might of been.”

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