More Gunpla…

Yes I know I already have the two MG shown with one of them needing to be built but… these two are to be set aside for now. Let’s see if my ambition will help me carry through with what I have in mind this summer hehehe. And of course, gotta pick up two SD Unicorn just for the lolz.


40 thoughts on “More Gunpla…

  1. Bought them for the clear parts? Or you just have too much money? ^^;
    I can just imagine what’s in store for the SD Unicorn…….hey, you haven’t even build your SD for quite a while now.

    1. I couldn’t care less about the clear parts and one can never have too much money for this stuff. I guess I should build a SD just for the heck of it… it’ll only take me two weeks haha.

          1. It took be a year and a half last time.^^
            I had absolutely no time what so ever -_-
            Apart from the three months I spent doing nothing, but chunks of the model had found their way all over the place (the most completed being the leg) and all I could think about was sleeping and eating.
            Lesson to be learnt kids: gunpla before homework. ;)

  2. well the more the merrier right??? will make us stay on this blog a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile longer ^^.

    the SD unicorn looks great transformation is much simpler than the Mg counterpart (obviously)

    any hints on what you are planning this summer?

  3. I can fully understand why u got two Sd unicorns…. But you get those two MGs just for the clear parts?! Talk about dedication man!

  4. Sweet. Bet you will do yet again the red panel lines with those SD Unicorns.
    I just received my MG Red Frame a couple of days ago, but before I even open it first I want to finish my TerminExia. Still waiting a Five Star Stories model I picked up from HobbySearch though…

  5. Two unicorns… Your eiither obssesed, or its eithr a SRW robot riding robot parody, or your doing a contest for summer

    Just to tell, you, destiny’s plasma LFG’s handle gimmick, is fragile as hell>.<, be careful man

    1. roger that. Actually… I still have no idea on what to give away this summer (anniversary) or even what to do for it… huuu..

  6. hmm.. 2 SD Unicorns, I uess you’re going for a normal mode and destroy mode combi there. Planning to do the same when I gonna make my purchase later.

  7. I built SD Unicorn (with paint) only in 2 days, I don’t know why would SD will cost a lot of time, but maybe longer if you build two. Not build another one for beast mode?

  8. Wow, more loot! Another Destiny? WTF? XP

    I can understand why you got two SD Unicorns but why another Destiny when you said it isn’t for the clear parts? Wait, wait… planning something big, eh? o.o

    1. Something like Destiny with 2 Arondight (*psst*remember how he got 2 Force Impulse for the Excalibur*psst*)?
      At any rate, double the Shinn Asuka, double the emo. XD

  9. Dammit… Z just have too much $$ he doesn’t know where to spend them… == You already havve both S.Noir and Destiny (EBM) rite??? It’d have been better to spend it on Unicorn + MS Cage then… =.= There are still plenty of other MGs to choose from…

    1. naw. he doesnt like the HD glossyness of the unicorn + MS cage… tho i wouldnt mind. havent got any top coat anyways…

  10. I just recently received new Gunpla myself… Just one, though (with a new figure), and the model itself isn’t really new. I’m just curious if you would have interest in even just reading about the 1/144-scaled Virsago from Gundam X (once I get around to building it)…

    1. Yes I do. Of course, I’m also interested in seeing what you’ll do it and the photos obviously :D. Given the terrible color separation of Gunpla back then, I’m sure you won’t just leave it as is.

      1. Well, that certainly wasn’t the case with similar ones of that decade; my 1/144-scaled Broken Sandrock ver. EW, Altron ver. EW, and White Doll (Turn A) being good examples. I think as with my Turn A, when finished, I’ll try to make a Dalong-esque picture review of the Virsago and two cents below it. And maybe some fun with it afterward. Though I’ve yet to complete short reviews of other recent models of mine (which are HGUCs long-since already reviewed by Dalong)… *shrug* Too bad I can’t have Olba showting “Nii-san!” somewhere in there (I need to stop playing GvGNP too much).
        At least one good thing about getting the Virsago is that I don’t need white paint or anything close to that for touching up the model, and what I have at my disposal would likely work out fine for me. I might even skip adding the bigger-than-usual set of foil stickers since it seems I can touch it up through alternative means (and foils don”t cover up all the imperfections).
        I half-decided choosing either it or the 1/144 Gundam X for the heck of it, but I’d rather get the HGAW coming out next month if I was dead-set for getting the GX, so I went for Virsago (plus I’d rather get the MG Wing, between it and GX).

        And if you’re curious about the figure, it’s an MSiA (transformable) Wing Gundam Zero (Okawara/TV ver.). Thus far, I think asking AceWhatever about it (or reading his review in the MechaTalk forums) is sufficient enough for two cents on it that I can agree to, but it’s nice to have something related to Okawara’s WGZ for a change. I’d rather get a model of it, though. *shrug* Maybe Bandai might throw one or two more bones out for W’s 15th anniversary beyond MG Wing that might increase my incentive for Gunpla with wings.

  11. Like after building new Models, can you like make a new Top 5 easy MG’s. I’m like about to start serious gunpla-ing. So I want something easy!

  12. just something random: is the TV ver wing’s beam saber REALLY gray? cuz i think i remember it being white (tho that may be influenced by white being the standard beam saber hilt color)…

    1. Yes it is actually gray. Funny how I can’t recall a single scene where Wing pulled out its beam saber but you can see the gray beam saber in the first opening.

  13. Hey Z, if you’re not getting these gunplas for the clear parts, does that mean that the clear parts are optional?

    1. actually, the clear parts arent optional that u can just ask for them at the counter and they give u them. if the front of the box has that bit of text in a gold box just on the bottom, it comes with a clear part runner. u can chose to not use them, since the original runner is there too. he just isnt getting them BECAUSE of the clear parts.

      1. correct. It doesn’t hurt to have them because you are not charged extra for it BUT… it might indirectly bump up your shipping charge if that little runner happens to bump the overall weight to the next rate haha.

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