GUNDAM STANDart: RX-93 Nu Gundam

I’m not even gonna bother making a page for this so I’ll just talk about it here. While the box and name might look fancy, it’s actually one of those toys that come with a gum inside xD. I got this LONGGG ago (last year) and now got around to checking it out. You see check out my other two STANDart figures here (old review). In this particular volume, there are two versions of both the Nu Gundam and Sazabi that you can choose from- regular and metallic ver. Of course, I pick the one that looks better >_>.

Modeling of the figure is done by VOLKS. Wow o_o.Gum taste sorta like ramune methinks…

Nu Gundam without anything. I forgot to take size comparisons photo but this thing is just a tad smaller than a HCM-Pro.

Fin Funnel! The arms can move and the head can rotate but that’s all you get for articulation. There’s a reason this line-up is called STANDart… caplocks on STAND!

The molding might be a bit bleh but the details are superb especially on such a tiny figure. It certainly rivals that of HCM-Pro stuff.

DOUBLE FIN FUNNEL! Unless you customize and create your own, this is the closest you’ll get to having any product of the Double Fin Funnel Nu Gundam… and that’s the exact reason I bought this.

Looks pretty damn good but I forgot how much it cost… was certainly less than $10 if I remember correctly. This is not exactly cheap for what it is but stuff like this comes and goes so pick one up if you really like what you see.


16 thoughts on “GUNDAM STANDart: RX-93 Nu Gundam

  1. Oooh didn’t know you would go for a STANDart there. These “gashapon-like boxes with sweets/gums inside” actually have a term – shokugan (食玩). Popular in Japan and in Asia where it’s not expensive to buy one, but definitely not popular in the West as the shipping fee would have cost more than the actual items themselves.

    Lots of peopple tend to ignore these kind of toys since they are small, ‘cheap’, and thought to be of lesser quality. But in fact non-figure miniatures can be pretty detailed for shokugans.

    Btw like your uber Double Fin Funnel Nu Gundam there~

    1. Ah so that’s what they’re called. I heard it once and forgot so I was hoping someone would tip me in on the actual name xD. Thanks!

      I bought this figure at the store so I didn’t have to deal with shipping (or I never buy this sort of stuff online anyway). I love these things because they were what got me into Gundam models!

  2. the only thing that look bad is the head design.. other is cool.. wide shoulders and big fin funnel.. especially when it mounted with double fin funnel..

  3. lol is the gum good? xD just asking. btw, u can also get the double fin funnel on the hg nu, cuz it comes with a special part that replaces normal backpack beam saber recharge rack… tho with 3 on each side, not 6…

  4. Z, what I did was – I bought the HGUC Nu Gundam (normal version) and then few months later I bought the HGUC Nu Gundam HWS.

    And then, some simple modification, transfer the Funnel from HWS onto the normal Nu Gundam and in exchange, the beam saber of normal Nu Gundam is transfered onto the HWS.

    Not really rocket science, I’m so you can imagine it.

    IF any of you guys interested to see mine (which is not so great at all) you can go to my blog here;

    Cheers and good luck…

  5. I don’t buy that small sized stuff now, expecially gashapons or anything below HG 1/144 kit size (I even stopped on HG kits now) because i have the habit of not taking care of small-lookin’ stuff-because they look like has no value?… xD
    I used to have hundreds of gashapons, pokemon and digimon figures but now most of them has been sold off… xD

    1. Yes… to be honest… after my HGUC Nu Gundam have 2 sets of Fin Funnels… it feels quite heavy than the HWS Nu Gundam without the Funnels… the best thing it can do is just standing straight… action pose is quite difficult to do… feels like Strike Freedom, if you know what I mean…. the best option is on the Action Base.

      1. Did you reply to the wrong comment? ^^;
        The “look like wings” was a comment on your HGUC Nu.

        The “back heavy” comment is directed towards Z’s STANDart Nu.

  6. Somebody gave me the metallic version and kept the regular on for himself >=[
    that SOB
    gum tastes good as expected of all shokugan
    not as good as I hoped though, had better ones
    like those burst angel shokugan figures…….

  7. haha same case here, a local mall here sells the Black F91 stand art and it is always ignored, mainly because it’s priced like a 144 Heavy Arms Custom

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