Time to Go Astray

Beginning with the Blue Frame first. I just started on it last night and man, I can’t believe all the little gritty details I have to ink in o_o. If I do the panel line for one part, then I have to do it everywhere otherwise it looks half-assed. I’m just glad I got the damn hands out of the way at least; I remember how much it sucked to paint the 1/100 Red Frame’s hands. I di d a crappy job on it but oh well >_>.

This package came in the mail yesterday so let’s see what’s inside…



49 thoughts on “Time to Go Astray

  1. I have no worries about topcoat since i only use when neccessary, and stock is widely available online at my place. The only problem is -they’ll damn expensive at my place i can’t afford to grab like 5 cans at once. Feels the pain that the $$ could go for MG kit…

  2. Heh yeah, the moment bro start to panel line or paint a part, can’t stop all the way ’til all the white parts are fully panel lined. =)

    But that’s not my concern, I’m more worried about the clear sticker, curse this sheet !

  3. I gotta ask Z, how did you paint the hands? Handpainted or sprayed? And what paint did you use? Acrylic or enamel?

    1. spraypainting for the fingers? are you kidding? Like with everything that requires paint for me… just take my sweet time handbrushing with my tamiya acrylic paint.

  4. Im guessing Acrylic paint
    Since Z uses tamiya paint which are arylic.
    Just paint on a few layers of paint one after another and it will work

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