We all love Yakiniku right? It’s literally “grilled meat”… and one of the best ways to have a friendly get together.

Make sure you have plenty of meat that includes ribeye, beef plate, etc. and definitely can’t forget the gyutan :D. Couldn’t pick up too many variety since there weren’t a lot of us. We marinated the meat but thought that could be optional since there was also dipping sauce.

Indoor electric grills are sooo handy… but nothing comes close to open fire though. ^^;

Start by throwing a bunch of stuff in there… it literally only takes seconds to be done since the meat is sliced so thin!

Lookin’ good… ^^;

You can’t have yakiniku without beer… that’s almost like a crime ^^;. There was so much food! I think I ate (and drank) too much… xD



27 thoughts on “Yakiniku

  1. I’m wondering where your (customized) flamboyant, shiny chef’s outfit is at, Z. Seriously, you need one, plus some Hans Zimmer music for your blog… With a fresh bell pepper at the side, of course. :)

      1. considering that I’m still nearly asleep every time I cook, I think hans zimmer stuff would be a bit misfitting… hmm, finding music to go with cooking is a good idea… Still working on that outfit! One of these days…

        1. I was making an obscure reference (one I’ve made before, by the way), but since you guys didn’t pick up on it, nevermind then. :P

  2. yum yum… good thing i had breakfast when i viewed your blog hahaha or else i’ll be starving ^^.
    seriously you should also have a food tab on this blog, since you are on the mood on WIP shots at how to cook and ingredients. ^^.

    on the flip side you are a much faster chef than a gunpla moddler. ^^

    1. I cook on an impulse so kinda hard to know when never thought “o0o take shots of my cooking” until I’m actually doing it xD. I prefer not to cook if you can believe it…

  3. It seems to me that most of your delicious food are grilled. Damn….you’re making me hungry…. >.<
    I wished I had a grill though…a fying pan needs more work.

  4. Yet another food post by Z!
    You make it sound so simple (I guess it is though XD) and yet the result is delicious! XP
    I should get myself a grilling pan…

  5. it’s nice to see food related entry here once in a while. surprised to see that you can still enjoy jap food though you’re at the states. btw, where’s the chinese food?

  6. Hey z you know fadhli blog? hey hasn’t updated or posted in weeks and its just not like him ,can you help me check it out please ? thanks

  7. FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What do you use as marinade?
    I found about 300 jars and tubs of sauces, marinades and spices in my grand parents cupboard; the problem being all the info on them is in japenese or korean.^^
    Experiment time!!!!!!!!!
    (I don’t have or will have any time soon enough food to try em all out on; so i’ll test them out on the dog and some little kids – so of this stuff smells deadly ;))

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