Astray Blue Frame Straight Assemble

I was gone over the weekend so didn’t get to work on the model till today and thought I wrap things up. Here it is in its bare plastic glory! I can say it is already many times better than its regular 1/100 counterpart. Will begin working on the details and stuff soon enough… and of course, top coat it. It’ll be a miracle on this blog if I can pump out the review by the end of this week… ^^;

Urgh… The amount of panel lines on this model sure slowed the whole assembly process down by a fair bit.

Will save any more comments for the review!


18 thoughts on “Astray Blue Frame Straight Assemble

  1. Kudos, man!

    When I first saw the parts on this kit, they seemed so small when compared to the non-grade 1/100. I exclaimed, “What the-?! Did they sell me a 1/144 kit by mistake?!”

    The amount of details is staggering – there’s so much and they’re so tiny I’m not sure what to panel line! The detail on the feet in particular are so dark that panel lining them won’t make them noticeable, so I spraypainted the feet steel gray and the armor schnieders titanium silver.

  2. Thanks for dedicating your time for people on the internet to gain entertainment from browsing your Gunpla achievements!
    I really hope the Astray comes out nicely.

    If you have got the time (and money), can you maybe compare all the astray counterparts? (No Grade Red and Blue Astray, PG Astray, MG Blue and Red Frame.)

  3. @sbhboi
    Well, i use the stickers and the knee sticker is just fine, only that you have to slit through the sticker at the center because the sticker covers through the sliding armor. I’m lazy to wait for the not-yet-released water decal (is it? I dont see any so far). I hate leaving my kit half done (my S.Freedom is now in that state) and not being able to complete it for some reason.

  4. Finally, your ABF stands proudly! ^^

    Yeah, it has a lot of panel lines, I didn’t panel line most of the blue parts in the end, only the more noticeable sections. But somehow, especially the huge arse sword, it was rather enjoyable for me to panel line. I don’t know why though. >.>

  5. Damn, I have not progressed anything to my TerminExia project and you are almost done with this one. Fortunately, vacation starts this Friday, so I’ll be able to work on it.
    Wanting to see your comments on this Blue Frame to get a idea of what to expect with the Red Frame.

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