1/10 Rockman Plamo Kit

This is sooo cool! Finally a model of Rockman (Megaman)! While I’m not thrilled about the model itself, I do hope this will lead to models from the Rockman X (I grew up on MMX 1-6, screw 7 and up) series. I’ve always hoped Bandai would release newer versions of their older X models but I would assume Capcom is the type to say “pay up big monies or hells naw”. Well, hope Kotobukiya would do a decent job on this one and maybe up the plastic quality a bit.Maybe I’ll pick it up if I do like what I see.

Would really love a newer model of Ultimate Armor X and all the other armors. Kinda make X looks somewhat like a Gundam…

And a model of Zero! He wields a sword and has one of the most badass one-liner to a final boss- “Shut up. Just die”

ahh… nostalgic nostalgic… anyone else played Mega Man/Rockman games? ^^

Rockman plamo image from Ngee Khiong


38 thoughts on “1/10 Rockman Plamo Kit

  1. I also grew up when Megaman X is one of the famous game after FF7. I just love how nice the gameplay was on the X4 series, inputting cheat codes for Black Zero/Ultimate X is 1 of the reason. ‘Til now still plays it on emulator version of X4.

    When I was primary school I do own ultimate X & Zero’s kit, ya know, the 1 with ball bearing shooter ?

    Yes screw the 3D environment X7 & X8 !

  2. I have both the zero and ultimate armor x. The zero is nice to have, since it also has the zero buster, along with another spare arm. but the long yellow hair seems to fall off quite easily… it’s actually really annoying.

    the ultimate armor x is exactly what you see on the box art… it’s armor is see through… not exactly what i hoped for when i purchased it. i’m still thinking if i should paint it black like in X6.

  3. WAHOO!! Check it, the Rockman kit comes with effect parts (regular & charged shots) and an E-Tank!

    I’m still hoping for a display stand and a removable helmet with a hairpiece part.

  4. I’m a fan of the rockman series as well. I used to play them over at my friends’ and cousin house since I don’t own a console myself. It wasn’t till the Rockman ZX series that I actually had the chance to play it dedicatedly with my own DS.

    It would be great to see them releasing every version of Rockman from the various series.

  5. same here too, i’m played rockman x series,
    and Z, you should try playing rockman exe and ryuusei no rockman in your DS, rock is cool too there, with some armor here and then ^^

  6. lol i grew up around exe but prefer X and Zero instead. ZX is ok-ish too. never really got to play X and Zero tho…

  7. Big fan of Rockman, both the kiddy version and X. Currently playing ZX…. I own a Megaman X ultimate armor and a Meganman X3 version of Zero model. You can find them in toy’r’us 8 years ago. But today, toy’r’us is full of BEN 10 which i don’t even bother to take look at it.
    Looking forward for the models.

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