MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise Review

Well, looks like it is a miracle on this blog afterall. In just a week, I’ve managed to start and finish the MG Astray Blue Frame, complete with its review all up (that alone would usually take me 1-3 days). The usual end-of-review bonus is a bit uncoordinated and sloppy this time around as I was shooting the photos between 1-4 AM (I had a hard time figuring out what was going on when I was uploading the photos). Hope it is still understandable ^^;. I think I can do this more often (pump out more reviews) if I don’t always take an 8 hour break for every 15 minutes I work on a project… haha just kidding. Anyway, here’s the review and hope you have fun scrolling. Thanks for looking =)


10 thoughts on “MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise Review

    1. I’ll go a bit farther and say this is the fastest review I’ve done, from assembly to release, this whole entire time blogging.

  1. so you didn’t apply those cross-the-knee markings? they look nice for me to apply them, but i applied less than half of the total stickers and none of the decals given. Too many stickers and decals may make this kit look messy…

  2. Do you topcoat your parts on the runner or after construction and disassembly? If it’s the second, how do you panel line it? Wouldn’t the top coat make gundam markers bleed? And if you put it on after, it must be a pain to clean. When topcoating the white parts, do you put them in a box or a booth to cure?

  3. I replaced my HG with the MG and like most HG’s I have replaced, I am so damn glad I did.
    I am A huge fan of this Gundam and was so giddy when I found out they were doing an MG.
    he looks uber cool on my computer desk lol.

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