1/144 Astraea Type-F Boxart

Astraea is officially War Machine!

… okay gotta go to school.



35 thoughts on “1/144 Astraea Type-F Boxart

  1. This has to be the most EPIC 1/144-scale boxart I have ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few nice ones. I just love how it shows as many weapons as it could. My only dissapointment with it is that the other GN bazooka isn’t being used instead of the missile container, which could have simply been mounted on the back of the GN-001F and used as a mortar launcher.

    1. naw I’m fine with my 1/100 as is haha. This is one instance where buying because of the boxart alone is not too bad of a choice.

  2. =.= this also annoy me bandai only released astarea type F because can use remold from exia how about the others gundam I want gundam plutone.
    I follow OOI and OOF when fon spark use this weapon anyway ??

  3. The only problem I have with this kit is missile launcher looks like it’s from 08th MS team, and a modified RX-78-2 hammer? Since when do they use hammers?

    But technicalities aside, this Astraea screams PAWNAGE!

      1. maybe it has something to do with how the pilot, “pilots” this suit. i mean fon spaak is somewhat insane when he is piloting. ^^,

      1. gotta agree with this, can’t wait for the type F MG along with Unicorn I think it’s one of more stylish gundams out there I just love the face mask thing. Awesome.

      2. I don’t think they are making an MG of this.
        They can’t make EVERY mobile suit in the Gundam series an MG.

        1. But the Astraea have a really good chance of the MG treatment though given that its basic frame is pretty much Exia. Heck, in the 1/100 model you CAN build Exia and not the Astraea/F. The only thing you are missing are the weapons and and some arbitrary armor bits. It’s almost a no-brainer for Bandai to release one… but then again, this is also the same company who haven’t released a Crossbone x-2/3 yet…

  4. Astraea going Gung-Ho with all sorts of weaponry. Heck, it doesn’t even have to hold the shoulder mounted GN Launcher to fire it.

    If I didn’t get a white 1/100 version I may consider getting this. Otherwise I am satisfied with my current one already.

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