GFFMC Unicorn Gundam: Thoughts…

I have been thinking long and hard about this but I STILL cannot find a single valid reason to justify the price on this GFF Metal Composite figure/model. I want to keep my mouth shut on this but I just have to rant it off this time. I love the Unicorn Gundam and I love the GFF MC line-up so this combo should’ve been a win… if it wasn’t for its beyond-absurdity 18900 yen (over ~$200) price tag. At the end, I’ve conclude that this thing is artificially marked up in its line-up the same way the PG 00-Raiser is to the PG-line (aka for absolutely no good reasons). The point of this post is me asking “Just where is that extra ~$100 premium coming from?!”

The GFFMC Unicorn comes in the same size box as the ~$100 GFF MC RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka and its accessories count are pretty similar (your standard UC fare of beam rifle, sabers, shield and bazooka… and an extra set of gatling). The Unicorn is obviously bigger (taller) and has a lot more “sophistication” in its ability to transform by sliding various body panels. So is the extra cost coming from the extra inner red frame and the seemingly-straight-from-MG engineering to implement it? Does all that material really merit such a bump in price? The Unicorn is actually more than DOUBLE the price of the aforementioned RX-78-2!

Now if you were to use the reasoning that the Unicorn’s price tag is so high is due to the extra material…then how do you explain that it still cost a crapload more than the RX-78-2 with G-Fighter (retail ~12000 yen)? I’m sure there is no argument that this GFF contains a lot more material (production cost) than the Unicorn’s inner frame.

My very first thought on the GFF MC Unicorn was “why get that when you can put just a bit more effort into the MG and get the same result?”… and it’s still on my mind. So maybe some thinks the GFF MC is more Aesthetically pleasing than its MG counterpart but to me, the proportions and design is near-identical. Some slightly obvious differences are the head and hands but other than that, I don’t think you would be able to tell the difference at first glance between the two if the MG was really well built.

The most offensive thing I realized about Unicorn’s price is that it is exactly the same as the GFFMC Z-plus. HOLY $#%*! Enough said…

Like I said, with a little bit of effort you can make an MG Unicorn look just as nice as the GFFMC… and save yourself the extra $140. Sure you might not have the die-cast parts (mostly inside joints), but does that really matter? Or more like… do those die-cast parts and pro details really make it worth 4x more than the MG model?

So yea… my conclusion is that there is absolutely no good or valid reason that I can see to justify its ~$200 price tag except to just milk the new Gundam hype dry. I am not saying anything negative about this GFF. I just think the price is too artificially marked-up and Bandai is being an ass (bluntly speaking). I am sure people who actually paid for it are very happy with it… but still not worth it. I would think the best price for it would be the same as the RX-78-2 + G-Fighter if they want to “overcharge”. I am also sure I can expect major price slashes in the coming future for it though… That’ll be the time to pick one up!


pics grabbed from here, here, and here


27 thoughts on “GFFMC Unicorn Gundam: Thoughts…

  1. hi guys, i’m kinda new on this gundam scene, though i have some robot damashii stuffs, i recently came upon a SuperHCM Pro Unicorn and this guy in one of my local hobby shops, which one do i get? i was really looking forward to getting this guy (i have the robot damashii ones), the price is high, but i really am looking to get a transformable one, do i get the shcm pro or this gff metal material? which one is more durable? are the palstics the same as their robot damashii counterparts? thanks!

    1. SHCM pro isnt die cast. if you have the cash, go for the GFFMC.

      i got a die-cast Zeta for 800 yen i think…massive discount price from 9000 yen.

      and it transforms ^_^ sadly its 40% die cast with mostly the armor T_T

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