it was 3 AM, nothing better to do, so what’s the next best thing? Raid the fridge of course.

If I ever need “instant” noodles, I would much prefer cooking frozen udon or ramen as they are slightly more filling and have just a bit more nutrient ^^;.

Generally I would make my own broth but since this has to be quick, the pre-made stuff will do. Hon-Tsuyu is the name of the soup base which is usually just bonito extract, soysauce and msg (if I make my own, I prefer a bit of sake in it). Ra Yu just goes well with anything and everything.

Gotta have the fish cakes; satsuma age, kamaboko, and some random pollock fishballs. Gotta throw the kamaboko (the red one) in at the last minute or they will expand into the size of a pizza.

Five minutes preparing, three minutes to cook the fishballs, two minutes for everything else… viola.

Shichimi Togarashi, or seven flavor chili pepper, is a mixture of different (a total of… 7) spices that goes well with soup and stuff. I heard it was great for udon so I grabbed a bottle ^^



17 thoughts on “Udon

  1. wow thats all very japanese of you. good that you can get that kind of food in your town. i hope i’ll be able to do that too whenever i decide to move back to north america

  2. I would hate reading this post if I were still in the UK right at this very moment since where I live there has very little Japanese food available, but since I am in Hong Kong for a brief period right now I can take the resistance and hunger for now… lol

  3. what do those kamaboko taste like? cause obviously i never had them before. fishcakes is what i’m more familiar at. ^^;

  4. 3am in the morning, and you still had the will to cook an extremely early ‘breakfast’? I’m impressed…. (I’d rather go to sleep than eat at that hour ^^;)

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