Another GNHW…

I couldn’t come up with anything witty without being cliche for this year’s day of pranks so I skipped it altogether and thought I do something more productive… like finally starting a new project. Started on Cherudim today and this is what I got so far. I am busy for the next three days so hopefully I’ll be done with its review by next week or something. Yea… the idea of building another MG that is about 90% similar to the last one isn’t exactly pleasurable so this is more like a “break in between”. I also couldn’t resist a certain scenario I have with this Gundam so I’m looking forward to playing that out as well ^^. Anyway, it’s 2 am and I’m starving… time for more udon.

by the way, the nubs on this model are terrible!


24 thoughts on “Another GNHW…

  1. whoa that fast?? you are getting faster. XD

    most of the nubs on that guy are on the spots easily seen, so yeah they are terrible. on the plus side he is as articulate as the 00 only with the obstructive front waist armor that will bug you. ^^;

    oh yeah have you heard of the MG poll on Bandai’s site?

  2. Of course, I couldn’t imagine building another MG similar to the previous one too. But you’ve done it with F91/ Crossbone (inner frame).
    It’s a good thing for readers to check a different review too.

  3. Yeah, I had built the Blue Frame back when it first came out, and then went right into the Red Frame since I love Astray. kinda sapped the fun out of building it….because it’s definitely 90%, if not more, similar to the blue frame.

  4. ugh, I have this model and frankly, it’s not too great. The polycaps wear out after a few days so the legs become riduculusly loose, and the sheild bits can NEVER stay on. It also can’t hold it’s rifle can never stay in the hand. It also has a HUGE ass drive in the back, which makes it somewhat backheavy…ugh, just so many problems…>.>

  5. I am VERY impressed on how you paint those clear parts! Man you really have to give me a full tutorial on these clear parts painting!

  6. Thats’ really unlike you -fast… O_O
    I forgot to pull some pranks despite my playful character during April fool, so, that’s really unlike me…

    Did you vote on the MG wishlist??? I think i voted over 20 times already and i wouldn’t mind doing it 100 times. I picked MG 00 Raiser, Akatsuki and Legend… MG Psycho Gundam in the list makes me think that it must be an April fool joke… ==;

      1. Yup, i think it was the 2nd or third one (saikogandammu)… I’d prefer MG Destroy too… xD I like The MA of Destroy Gundam, and i wouldnt mind paying a PG price for one… xD I want its sheer size..

          1. Yup. Can’t be helped because SEED is the first Gundam series i watched since my friends intro me to the world of Gundam when i was 13 (I did buy my first gunpla when i was 10, without knowing what is a gundam though). I like their mecha designs. Speaking of suggesting for MGs, I really wished for Zeta II which is only found in GFFN series…

  7. Hand caps, Irritating, as, f–ck!! Yeah hopefully yours wont have the same prob as mines, since cherudims hands cant properly handle the sniper and the pistols very well.

    Oh yeah the feet, dont bend the whole thing, just the green part.

  8. Another GNHW, the last time I saw it was Seravee.
    well GNHW always come with better equipment, that’s the fun.

    by the way, I’ve moved to a new site, hope you could change my link in blogroll too, thanks.

  9. “Under the influence”, huh? Participating in the legendary Hyper Hammer’d Challenge pioneered by Martin Wandering? I’m still planning to give that one a shot some time, haha.

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