Giving something new a try this week- Yakisoba! I have never tried making this before but it looks simple enough so thought I’d give it a go.

Since you can pretty much add whatever you want to yakisoba, I just pull out what i can find from the fridge. In this case, Kobe beef from America (LOLWTF), fried tofu and cabbage (the usual yakisoba stuff).

The noodles came packed into a block so had to “unpack” it and loosen it up. Handy electric pan for stir-frying (I hate cleaning the wok).

Top coat. It is recommended that you coat each strand of noodle individually to make sure every corner and nubmarks of the noodles are covered.

Coarse peppered salt with MSG… pretty much.

Burn baby burn!

Obligatory ao nori that you sprinkle onto any and every Japanese dish just because…

I think I could’ve used a little more top coat… It never hurts to add more! Maybe I should add some tako, bonito flakes, pork, kewpie mayo, ebi, and flour next time to make Okonomiyaki…



36 thoughts on “Yakisoba

  1. Lol at the Top coat part. But other than that looks great :) the food on here always looks, picture perfect like something from a commercial. XD

  2. What “top coat” was that ? Gonna find it if there’s any shop selling these. =)

    Anyway, looks tasty, now bro making me hungry when viewing this on morning. Time to prepare my b.fast !

  3. Dude…Tamiya Topcoat Semi-Gloss screws up the model. It makes everything so fragile. It broke my V-Fin for my destiny. Q___Q.

  4. Hmm… “glossy topcoat” noodles are pretty “famous” at my place, and i hate greasy/oily food… Somehow hawkers just pour in too much cooking oil to make their cooking job easier… ==; I tend to switch to pasta -my favorite…

    BTW i want to try yakiniku too…. Cook one for me and ship through EMS… xD

  5. Seeing as I’ve pretty much run out of top coat alternatives, I guess I’ll just have to try some of this stuff on my gunpla. ;)

  6. More topcoat to protect it from your stomach acid (so that it comes out the way it looks when it goes in lol).

    I expected roaring fire when you said ‘Burn baby burn’. XD

  7. Dude. Stop posting about food. Everytime I open ur blog im tempted to start eating like everything I see. XD

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